Evenings, concerts and fashion shows: Lesmo is also preparing for the Monza Grand Prix

The country, which “donated” two corners to the Autodrom, is launching a rich program of events in connection with the big appointment on Sunday, September 3rd.

Lesmo is also gearing up for the Formula 1 Grand Prix at Monza next weekend. Three evenings are planned, which will allow many enthusiasts to further immerse themselves in the automotive atmosphere.

Lesmo is also training for the Monza Grand Prix.

An event that needs no introduction and that has always attracted all car lovers who are ready to invade the Temple of Speed ​​again this year with flags, banners and great enthusiasm. That’s why in the run-up to the Grand Prix on Sunday, September 3rd, even Lesmo, the city that gave its name to the two corners of the track, doesn’t want to be caught off guard. Hence the organization of a review of events aimed at glorifying the international prestige of the hippodrome and at the same time telling about its historical, cultural and sporting value in the Brianza region.

Evenings, concerts and parades

It will start on Thursday 31 August at 9 pm in the Council Hall of the Town Hall, where a talk show will be organized on the history of engines and the two crooked Lesmos, with the participation of figures from the world of engines, including the writer. Walter Consonny and pilot Roger Melgrati. Friday, September 2, at the Piccolo cinema in the oratorio, Quattro ConTorti concert, which will perform music in the style of pop, rock, blues with covers of the 60s-70s-80s. The highlight will finally take place on Saturday 2 September in Peregallo, where the vintage car fashion show will begin. The procession will pass through the streets of the village, stop in Gerno and end the tour in Lesmo, on the market square.

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