Every second Italian is tattooed, but there is no shortage of pentiti. Presenter Ema Stokholma: “I’ll try to remove them, I advise you not to do it”

Italians are crazy about tattoos, but also impulsive: at least that’s the picture from the data that tells us that Italy is the world’s first country with tattooed people. But also that the penitents should grow. If every second citizen (48% of the population) decided to engrave a drawing, symbol or letters on their skin, there are many who want to return: in Italy, writes MessengerThe leader is Milan with 6720 requests per year to cancel the tattoo. Rome and Turin are next.

Repent and don’t do it

Among the “glorified” pentiti are those who have made their signature cuts in the skin, such as host Ema Stokholma, who said she would try to remove hers: “They hide the body, I advise you not to do them.” “, he stated. The phenomenon is global, with online searches for deletions or fixes exceeding one million a year in the US. Of course, there is no shortage of those who declare their choice, such as actor Claudio Amendola, who told the paper that ” sees the body as a canvas on which to tell about yourself.” “I have not regretted any other design engraved on my body,” he states, commenting on the circle with the letter “A” (symbol of anarchy), which was his first tattoo at 16. “I was young and rebellious. I had to hide it when I started being an actor at 19, making my debut as the Jewish boxer Davide Sonnino on A History of Love and Education in 1982. Today, a dolphin lives here in its place,” he explains.

Claudius Amendola

There are many tattoos on the actor’s skin: the great Agostino Di Bartolomei, “the eternal icon of the Giallorossi universe”, preferred to get a tattoo on his legs. The connection with the capital follows from other drawings: “The one that depicts the Colosseum is on the bicep. I think I was one of the first in Rome: today it is fashionable. I engraved it in three stages. First a monument, then a gladiator, and finally an inscription. Spkr. It’s majestic.” Amendola then dedicated his left calf to the face of De André, “one of his favorite artists”: “In my heart are the verses of his songs, all of them. I almost always marked on myself things that belong to me.


Emotional connection, the desire to remember someone or something is one of the main reasons that makes people get tattoos. Preply’s study, which analyzed the presence of tattoos on social media and online searches, found that most of the selection came from names, with more than 298,000 hashtags on Instagram and more than 2.6 million searches per year on Google. Usually choose the names of close people: child, partner, parent. The same reasons that make you choose individual letters alternatively are second on the podium. Citations are in third place in the ranking (87,400 posts on Instagram and 896,640 search queries per year on Google).

Tattoo languages

The language in which a sentence or text is written is also important: the tattooed (or potential) favorite is Japanese, thanks to the elegance of its graphic elements (231,240 Google searches each year). This is followed by Chinese and, in third place, Arabic: a choice perhaps due to the example of such famous stars as Selena Gomez, Angelina Jolie and Rihanna. Even if Ariana Grande wins outright as a role model: the number of Google searches related to her tattoos is one billion 328 million. However, in fairness, the result may have been affected by a mistake noticed by fans in 2019, when fans noticed a mistake in his tattoo in Japanese, mistranslated as “shi-chirin”, meaning “small barbecue grill”. The Italian language ranks ninth with 19,080 worldwide searches per year. But the Persian market is growing, demand is increasing by 312% year on year.

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