Everyone is at school, among the desks of the Mediaset Infinity festival, with films selected by UfoZero2.

School, teaching, professors, masters and students. Mediaset Infinity offers a free selection of films on these topics, among which we can see several successful Italian feature films. The authors of the collection are YouTubers UfoZero2.

They YouTuber UfoZero2 authors of the collection”Everyone’s at school“, selection/review streaming movies fully for free on the platform Mediaset Infinity, clearly. Especially amateurs Italian comedies they will notice some rather important titles somehow connected with the world of teaching, with different dynamics depending on whether the matter is transferred to those who distribute knowledge or to those who have to receive it…

Watch movies from the All in School collection for free on Mediaset Infinity.

School and best wishes to the teacher

This is a biology of feature films taken from the work of a teacher and writer. Domenico Starnonehe saw very effective Silvio Orlando leading choirs. IN School (1995) author Daniele LuchettiProfessor Vivaldi (Orlando) is desperate to save some difficult students from failing during their studies. bulletins on the last day of classes. He is distracted by the prospect that his beloved Professor Maiello (Anna Galiena) could be a lover, and that it could be the icy Vice-Principal Sperone (Fabrizio Bentivoglio). Tender, bitter and compelling, thanks to some jokes and a chronological execution of the script by an ideal cast, “School” succeeded and won David di Donatello for Best Film.
It looks like Best regards Professor (1997), which marked, among other things, his directorial debut Riccardo Milani. Orlando is Professor Lipari, who is having a crisis at work until he turns out to be colleague Louise (Claudia Pandolfi), one of his former students with whom he has special memories. He will find the desire to return to who he was.

I hope I get away with it and we got away with it.

In 1992 she was director Lina Wertmüller bring it to the big screen I hope I can handle it: 1990 bestseller signed by the master Marcellus d’Ortareconstructed a piece of life Neapolitan children with families in difficulty, relocation and entertainment, offering their own terms. The film stars Paolo Villaggio a rare non-comic version tells the story of a teacher who is mistakenly transferred from Liguria to Naples. Face up third of cheerful childrenwith a life that he himself might never have imagined so difficult.
We got away with it (2022) is instead a curious documentary directed by Giuseppe Marco Albano, where one of the children in the film is now an actor Adriano Pantaleodecides thirty years later to go looking for “fellow travelers” then… to understand how they formed their path in life after this special and unique event.

We are infinite

Let’s change the case completely to We are infinite (2012), which Stephen Chbosky he adapted and directed his own novel.”Wall boy“. It tells about the difficult situation of high school student Charlie (Logan Lerman), who dreams of becoming a writer but is unable to get close to anyone during his first year of high school, is also deeply affected by the suicide of his best friend. To save him from bullying and give him the energy he needs to live, there will be two older boys: lovely Sam (Emma Watson) and his maverick half-brother Patrick (Ezra Miller). Chbosky, who wrote the original epistolary novel, also directed “Miracle” and the musical “Dear Evan Hansen.”

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