Everyone is at school. today on air Rai 1 with Alfa and The Kolors

Meeting with returned “Everybody’s at school” with musical guests Alpha Hello Colors, as the idols of generation Z. On Monday, September 18, the XXIII opening ceremony of the academic year will take place at the Saffi Alberti Technical Institute in Forli. The President of the Republic will take part in the event Sergio Mattarella and Minister of Education and Merit Giuseppe Valditara.

The live broadcast will be broadcast on the Rai Uno channel starting at 16:30. Leading: Flavio Insinna with Malika Ayane. The event will, as usual, be enlivened by student delegations from all over the country, representing Italian schools.

Among the guests, selected through a public announcement with the participation of institutes from all over Italy, will be students of the general education institute “Chieri 3” in Chieri (TO): 25 violinists will perform “Carovana nel Desert” accompanied by their teacher. Simona Zoya. However, children from the Angelo Musco dance school in Catania will take part in a performance dedicated to the Myth Pandora.

The Hermann Erb Theater School of Dance in Turin will present “High School Musical” with 25 dancers and two girls in wheelchairs. The Morvillo Falcone Vocational Institute in Brindisi will present a fashion show of clothes made at the school. The video tells the story of the reconstruction, funded by MIM, of the laboratory of the Vocational Technical Center of Lugo (RA), which was damaged by the floods that hit Emilia Romagna and Marche.

We’ll talk about current events, work, health, sports, Italian schools abroad, stories of social redemption. The teacher-tutor will explain the function of this important figure, introduced this year in schools by the Ministry of Education and Merit. The Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Marina Elvira Calderone, will speak about safety at work and the Pathways of Cross-Country Skills and Orientation (PCTO). Two main characters of the latest news will also appear on stage: 16-year-old Alessandro Dioni, who, thanks to a first aid course completed at school, saved the life of fifty-year-old Marcello Amadori with a defibrillator.

We’ll talk sports with CONI President Giovanni Malago, Italian Paralympic Committee President Luca Pancalli, athletes Simone Giannelli and Sofia Rafaeli, and Paralympians Claudia Cretti and Maxel Amo Manu.

During the meeting “Everybody’s at school” artists such as singer will take part Alphaactor Nicolo Galasso and music group Colors. Maestro Leonardo De Amicis will conduct the symphony orchestra of the Marche schools and a choir consisting of students from the military schools “Nunziatella” from Naples, “Pietro Teulier” from Milan, “Francesco Morosini” from Venice, “Giulio Due” from Florence and from the students of “Saffi- Alberti.”

The event, which includes a greeting from Minister Valditara, can be followed live on Rai 1 and on the social networks of the Ministry of Education and Merit using the hashtag #TuttiAScuola. The ceremony will end with a speech by the President of the Republic. Sergio Mattarella.

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