Everyone is crazy about Blueberry, the shade of summer 2023

Not only Barbiecore and Mermaidcore: summer also appreciates Blueberry, a shade of color that goes even better with manicures. This is also demonstrated by stars such as Zendaya and Dua Lipa. Have you ever heard of blueberry milk?

Blue lovers, this glamorous gem is for you. Summer has long chosen its favorite palette, but it never stops adding shades and one of the most talked about is this one. Blueberry. Particularly popular on the manicure front, this nuance quickly won over celebrities and became a trend on TikTok and Instagram. Not that it’s limited solely to nail art. Blueberries with a blueberry tint are even more appreciated in combination with milk.

summer blueberry trend
Credits: Instagram/Sabrina Carpenter – VelvetMag

Anyone who hangs out in the world of social media must have heard of Blueberry milk manicurea trend already experienced by stars such as Zendaya during Louis Vuitton Fashion Week. At the time, the actress had the pale blue nails that today, as we know, go by the name Blueberry Milk. Literally translated as blueberry milk due to the color it imparts, this shade is the perfect combination between cream and powder which on a base like white tends to lose a strong blueberry charge, becoming more docile.

Summer requires blueberries, especially milk ones: a manicure trend that even the stars like

Fruity notes are the strongest inspiration for this summer, and the manicure trend following Blueberry Milk is proof of that. Even many brands have succumbed to its charm, offering clothing or accessories (think of flying tiger with the summer collection at Mirtillo). After the passion for strawberries and chocolate, it’s time for blueberries in the summer of 2023, but with a touch of milk that softens the color saturation. As explained Sonya Mish To birdiethis trend”comes from South Korean manicurists as strawberry milk, banana milk and blueberry milk are actually very popular there. Unlike a simple pastel blue that can look flat, blueberry latte has a more creamy hue.“.

summer blueberry trend
Credits: Versace/Instagram – VelvetMag

What makes this shade even more glamorous is its versatility: it actually looks good on everyone, at least on the nail side. It’s a popular trend precisely because it’s creamy and milky, a choice that Misha says is more suited to the summer season: “Light creamy blue works well, especially in summer when our skin is more tanned.“. Among the celebrities who immediately followed the fashion for nails, we find Zendaya, as already mentioned, but she is not the only one: even Dua Lipa, for example, broke Barbicor with this nuance, which seems refined and very cute even in the campaign for Holiday With Versace.

summer blueberry trend
Credits: Instagram/@wekly.nails – VelvetMag

In any case, Blueberry also captivated the summer thanks to the glamorous trends that celebrities showed off on the red carpet. For example Elsa Hosk at the Cannes Film Festival, he proposed a bright turquoise dress or something Sydney Sweeney. It’s still Megan you stallion with a beauty look for Paris Fashion Week, in which everything was done on blueberry ice lips for Louis Vuitton. It’s still Holly Bailey busy with press tour Mermaid he often and willingly chose blue.

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