Everyone knows this: the plot, the cast and the little things of the film with Penelope Cruz

Tonight, Friday, August 25th at 21.20 will arrive at Rai 3 Everybody knowspsychological drama directed by Asghar Farhadi starring Penelope Cruz AND Javier Bardem.

Everyone Knows: The Plot of the 2018 Movie

After moving to Argentina for several years, Laura returns to Spain for her sister’s wedding. But during a party, his daughter is kidnappedand ask her ransom in the amount of three hundred thousand euros. She will be helped by Paco, who a few years earlier bought her vineyard from a woman, investigations will reveal much about the past of the whole family who was buried long ago.


Here is the complete line-up Everybody knows:

  • Penelope Cruz plays Laura;
  • Javier Bardem played by Paco;
  • Barbara Lenny plays Bee;
  • Ricardo Darin played by Alejandro;
  • Carla Campra played by Irene;
  • Edward Fernandez played by Fernando;
  • Elvira Minges plays Mariana;
  • Inma Cuesta plays Anu;
  • Sarah Salamo played by Rocío;
  • Roger Casamajor played by Joan;
  • Ramon Barea played by Anthony;
  • Jose Angel Egido played by Jorge;
  • Paco Pastor Gomez plays Gabriel;
  • Jaime Lorente plays Louis;
  • Sergio Castellanos played by Felipe;
  • Vicente Vergara played by Vicente;
  • Chema Adeva plays Andres;


Everybody knows world premiere took place on May 8, 2018 as Cannes Film Festival opening film. However, not everyone may know that Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz have been married since 2010. and that together they have two children. Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem are also already there. read together in films like Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Jamon, jamon, advisor AND Escobar – The Charm of Evil.

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