Everyone noticed Meghan Markle: what happened to Harry

The latest news about Meghan Markle, everyone noticed, this is what happened to Harry. All information and curiosity.

They have been on everyone’s lips for a long time, with their shocking decision to leave the royal family and London move to the USA. Revelations followed in an Oprah Winfrey interview, a Netflix series and a bombshell book. Spare Harry, an autobiography containing many indiscretions regarding his father, stepmother and brother. Dukes of Sussex, Meghan and HarryWe haven’t seen each other at official public events for a long time, with the exception of a few paparazzi forays outside restaurants or in stadiums during matches and concerts, the latest of which was Beyoncé.

Everyone noticed Meghan Markle: what happened to Harry (Photo ANSA/EPA/CHRISTOPHER NEUNDORF) – Turiweb.it

Over the past few days we have finally seen Harry and Meghan together with a major event in Europe, Unconquered Games in Dusseldorf, in Germany. These are sports games in various disciplines for war veterans with permanent disabilities, contracted for service. A kind of Olympics in which athletes and teams from all over the world participate.

The 2023 Invictus Games are scheduled to run from September 9 to 16, and will be held in Dusseldorf again this year, and Harry and Meghan couldn’t miss them. This is what, in particular, the Dukes of Sussex and Meghan did. Everything you need to know.

Meghan Markle: everyone noticed what happened to Harry

They finally returned to public to take part in a large official event such as the Invictus Games and they immediately attracted everyone’s attention. They couldn’t help but do it. The media focused on Meghan in particular, ready to pick up on the slightest detail. The Duchess of Sussex appeared in great shape, radiant, elegant and smiling to everyone – from the press to the public. Megan participated in competitions and public meetings dressed in clothes casual chic outfits which made it simply perfect, with an understated elegance appropriate to the occasion.

Harry and Meghan appeared in public again at the Invictus Games (Photo ANSA/EPA/CHRISTOPHER NEUNDORF) – Turiweb.it

But what everyone noticed and what could not be ignored was great harmony in a couple what Harry and Meghan showed publicly. They appeared at events hand in hand, smiling like two newly engaged couples in love. They brought smiles to everyone’s faces and fans took photos and selfies. Even while sitting in the stands watching the wheelchair basketball match between Australia and Ukraine, Meghan and Harry constantly exchanged affection, smiles and jokes.

In short, perhaps they will also film well, but there is still no trace left of the divorce, triumphantly announced by various gossip columns. Harry and Meghan are more in love than ever.

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