Everyone would like to be Olivia, Taylor Swift’s cat has a sky-high fortune: she is one of the richest animals in the world

Olivia Benson, the cat of actress and singer Taylor Swift, is very rich: do you know how much her gigantic fortune is worth?

We all know the planetary success of her mistress: Taylor Swift, born in 1989, is one of the most famous names in world music, chosen in 2019.Artist of the Decadeat the American Music Awards, as well as “Artist of the Year” AND “Woman of the Decadefrom Billboard. With over 1,080 awards, the beautiful 33-year-old Pennsylvania native is by far one of the most acclaimed artists in the history of music.

Olivia, Taylor Swift’s cat, has a stellar heritage: she is among the richest animals in the world (VelvetPets.it)

Even the cinema drew attention to her, and after several small roles about 4 years ago, she starred in a musical film. catsdirected by Tom Hooper, also received critical acclaim. A brilliant career to which Netflix dedicated a documentary released in 2020. Miss Americana.

In 2022 magazine Rolling Stones called her the highest paid woman in the world of music last year and the only female artist to reach the top 10 of the charts. His 271 million Instagram followers know full well that in addition to his passion for music, Taylor also has another very strong person – her cats!

Do you know how rich is Olivia, Taylor Swift’s sweet kitty? Mind-blowing figure

“I am really obsessed with my cats. I can say with confidence that I put them in the first place among the things that most influence my life. – the singer admitted to the magazine TimeThey are truly great, independent, worthy and able to face their lives. We have many joint projects”.

Olivia, Taylor Swift’s cat, is the envy of everyone: her legacy is staggering – Photo: Instagram @taylorswift (VelvetPets.it)

Taylor gave each of her three pet cats a rather special name: Olivia Benson (after the heroine of the series). Law & Order: Special Victims Unit), Benjamin Button (in honor of the protagonist of the film of the same name directed by David Fincher) and Meredith Gray (as the main character Grey’s Anatomy).

The same tender Olivia, which we see in some pictures on the singer’s Instagram. took third place in the Pet Rich List – a ranking of the richest animals in the world, compiled by Forbes. And it could not be otherwise, with assets of 97 million dollars!

Such a large amount of money is due to the fact that his owner has created a real commercial brand by putting her cats for sale complete with gadgets. Olivia is also the subject of various advertisements such as Diet Coke and Ned Sneakers products.

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