Everything Everything All at Once dominates, Michelle Yeoh and Brendan Fraser favorites

Everything Everywhere All at Once prepares to clear the Oscars 2023which will be assigned on Sunday evening, Monday night for us in Italy, at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles: after the boom in nominations (11), the comedy is favorite to win the statuette at the Best Movie also according to the bookmakers, at odds ranging between 1.05 and 1.10 on Planetwin365 and BetFlag.

Double digits for the premium a Nothing new on the western frontat 10 in front of The spirits of the island to 14. The sequel Top Gun: Maverickblockbuster, worth 18, with the autobiographical The Fabelmans of Steven Spielberg away at 31 times the bet. It goes up to 41 per Tarwith Avatar: The Way of Water by James Cameron at 86 e Women Talking – the feminist drama directed by Sally Potter, the only woman in the race – at 101. Last place for Triangle of Sadness and for Elvis by Baz Luhrmann, both offered at 151.

Best Director – The bookmakers award the statuette for Best Director to Daniel Kwan And Daniel Scheinertauthors of Everything Everywhere All at Once and huge favorites at odds ranging between 1.07 and 1.08 on Stanleybet.it and Casinomania. Steven Spielberg chases between 6.95 and 7x the bet, high odds for Martin McDonagh, candidate for The spirits of the islandyy 15, then Todd Field (Tar) at 18 and the Swede Ruben Östlund at 50, already awarded in Cannes with the Golden Palm for Triangle of Sadness.

The actors – Cate Blanchett he chases his third Oscar after The Aviator And Blue Jasminebut in the Best Actress category the protagonist of Tar is behind Michelle Yeoh: the victory of the interpreter of Everything Everywhere All at Once it is played at odds between 1.50 and 1.61 on William hill and Goldbet, with Blanchett at 2.20-2.25. Farthest Andrea Riseborough with To Leslie and the Michelle Williams of The Fabelmans (both at 21), last Ana de Armas with Blonde at 41 times the bet. For Best Actor, the focus is on Brendan Frasercandidate for The Whale and offered at 1.50 in front of Austin Butler (Elvis) to 2.25. Less chance for Colin Farrell (The Spirits of the Island) at 11x the ante, with Paul Mescal (Aftersun) and Bill Nighy, star of Livingboth at 31.

The Italians in nominations – Out of the most prestigious categories, Italy dreams with The Pupils: for Snai’s betting analysts, the short film by Alice Rohrwacher is offered at 2.25, behind An Irish Goodbye at 2.10, with The Red Suitcase third at 5.50. Among the candidates for the statuette there is also Aldo Signorettiin the make-up and hairstyling team of Elvis by Baz Luhrmann: For the Best Makeup award on Better it goes head-to-head with The Whaleboth are offered at 1.80.

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