Everything that you do not know Sasha Grey


Who is Sasha Grey?

When it came out, the latest film version of “50 shades of grey”, I remember reading something that made me grace that went something like “they’ll see 50 shades of Grey and we 50 videos of the Flock”. But, who is Sasha Grey? To answer that question, and although many times it is better to leave the past behind, we have to talk about everything that has made this beautiful woman, which also includes what launched him to fame and has allowed him to star in movies such as “Open Windows”.

But you have to start at the beginning. The real name of Sasha Grey is Marina Ann Hantzis. Like any other artist, actresses and porn actors use a stage name, although in his case usually does not resemble in anything to his real name. And is that, although we all see this kind of content once in a while, not always well seen do porn videos, so it is best to change the name for something that does not seem to the real one, not go to a family member or acquaintance to give you by searching for your name in Google and find as least expected.

Everything that you do not know about Sasha Grey

Porn film…

Well. We already know your name, maybe the least important of any celebrity. Sasha Grey is a californian who moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in pornography, something that started just meet the age of majority (18). After you use a stage name different, decided by Sasha, the name of a German musician, and Gr-ey, last name that comes from “The portrait of Dorian Gray” and of the Scale of Kinsey of sexuality. In this last, I believe that our protagonist is out on all four sides.

Sasha Grey appears in many videos and many of them have been recorded without a studio behind it. If we take into account the type of porn that is available today, distributed by Internet, we might think that was a bit of a visionary in this sense. Because we are talking about that he began recording videos for adults in 2006make already 10 years.

Your career as a porn actress only lasted 5 yearsbut in that time he won several awards that you have below:

  • 2007 – AVN Award – Best scene Bukkake – Fuck Slaves (with Sandra Romain and Manuel Ferrara).
  • 2007 – Premio AVN – Better scene of group sex (video) – Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge.
  • 2007 – Premio XRCO – Best young actress.
  • 2007 – Adultcon Top 20 Adult Actresses.
  • 2008 – AVN Award – Best scene of oral sex (video) – Babysitters.
  • 2008 – AVN Award – Best actress.
  • 2008 – Premio XRCO – Best actress.
  • 2009 – Premio XRCO – Mainstream Adult Favorite.
  • 2010 – Premio AVN – Better scene of anal sex – Anal Cavity Search 6.
  • 2010 – AVN Award – Best sex scene oral – Throat: A Cautionary Tale.
  • 2010 – AVN Award – The Jenna Jameson Crossover Star of the Year.
  • 2010 – Premio XBIZ – Crossover Star of the Year.
  • 2010 – Premio XRCO – Mainstream Adult Media Favorite.
  • 2010 – Premio F. A. M. E. – Favorite Oral Starlet.

In addition, not passed, or 6 months for the critics say that would be the next Jenna Jamesonperhaps the actress most famous porn of the story, although personally I think that, if so, what is the attractive young man. In 2011 announced its withdrawal from the porn. But, was he good in this? Well, if I were not you would not have come to be so famous. So personal, that I’ve seen of it I think that it is good. Leaving to one side the lust, even if this seems impossible, pornography is can see pure sex and hard or something, where it already takes a leading role eroticism and sensuality. In my opinion, Sasha Grey had it all in his beautiful little body.

…to the music, the big screen and the books

We think that any woman could do the same thing Sasha Grey, especially if we take into account the fact that women do not face the same problems that you can deal with some porn actors, but this would be wrong by much. To the good that was in pornography you will also have to add many other tasks that you’re good.

Sasha Grey in the music

When still active in the porn, he collaborated on several musical projectsas in one called ATelecine, where he launched an EP. He later sang on the album “Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain de Current 93.

Maybe it might surprise you that Sasha Grey is dedicated to singing, but that no longer surprises us both is that it will work as a model, posing on a disk, and a video of The Smashing Pumpkins, or another video of The Roots. Although it also appeared as a model for other brands showing all your skin, perhaps your most important job as a model was when she posed in an ad to make us aware about the birth of some species of animals.

Sasha Grey and Elijah Wood in Open Windows

Nor should it surprise us that work as an actressnot if we take into account that we talk about a famous with very good picture. The first thing he recorded was the video that I have been able to include in this post (sorry), where it exits by itself going to fix the car. He also starred in other films, such as “The experience of a wedding”, “Hallows”, where he plays a christian against premarital relations (What?) or in the “Open Windows”, a film that I saw to see how it was this new style of film in which we see the screen of a computer, and I think I would have gained a lot of it with flat normal.

The society Juliete and Sasha Grey

What last he has done has been to write The society Juliette, an erotic novel about a secret society comprised of powerful personages, who give vent to their sexual fantasies which refers sometimes to the posthumous work of Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut”. The book is having a lot of success and I don’t need to read it to almost assure that you will be better than the other that carries the surname of his stage name.

Photo gallery (discrete) Sasha Grey

Video of Sasha Grey no sex… in front of the cameras


Among the many virtues that has Sasha Grey is the sense of humor. The above video is a sample of it, a kind of parody of the porn which no porn scenes. And it is not because the Flock do not try it all, not. It is simply that the mechanic is silly very professional. That yes, eye with the outcome.

And, well, this is Sasha Grey, a woman who started out in porn and it seems that you can do it all. Do you already know who is Sasha Grey?