“Everything was shattered”, the very very disturbing encrypted message from Clara Morgane …


Clara Morgane posted a very very disturbing message on her Instagram account …

In a few days, she will be celebrating her 40th birthday. This milestone, important in everyone’s life, Clara Morgane will cross precisely on January 25th.

And according to her last Instagram post, the serenity has given way to some anxieties as D-Day approaches.

“In addition to the possibility of giving birth, femininity has always been for me a set of behaviors and attitudes made of gentleness and physical characteristics. At the dawn of my 40 years all these certainties were shattered” , a- she writes on the famous social network where she has more than 766,000 subscribers.

An encrypted message that greatly worried her fans. The latter have also left her many comments to reassure her and reassure themselves.

“Considering your message, I hope all is well”, “Ah 40 years … I celebrated mine during the start of the school year in September and I admit that all my doubts then came right back to me. It also allows for a good constructive questioning and be sure that you are a great person “,” Don’t ask yourself too many questions, life is too short, make the most of it “,” You have a wonderful family and husband and your little one. .. moreover the best age is the forties, take advantage of your day “ , can we read here and there under her famous publication.