Everything We Know About Dune, Chapter Two

It was 2021 when the first chapter of dune It premiered at the Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematographica before hitting the theatres. based on the novel of the same name by Frank Herbert, cornerstone of the science fiction genre, dune is a film about the rise of Paul Atreides (played by Timothée Chalamet) who, after traveling with his family to the desert planet of Arrakis to protect the mysterious Spice, finds himself embroiled in even greater conspiracies that will cost him the life of his beloved father, Duke Leto (Oscar Isaac, After a failed attempt by director David Lynch to bring Herbert’s story to the big screen Denis Villeneuve He wanted to repeat the feat, which earned him a good response from critics as well. However, one of the flaws found in the film is that it is “only” an introductory chapter, given that the director chose to split the plot of the first novel of the literary saga into two films. Not so much – or not only – for mere market issues, but also to give an opportunity to value each event, given that the world dune It is full of characters and situations that deserve to be investigated. So, it’s not even surprising that there’s a lot of anticipation for the second chapter.

Everything We Know About the Second Chapter of dune

dune – part two Already has a release date. Initially, the new work of Denis Villeneuve was supposed to reach cinemas next October. However, the release date has been pushed forward: first to 17 November and then to 3 November. A month, the last month of 2023, that promises to be full of highly anticipated films, such as a spinoff film hunger games Centered on a very young President Snow. Furthermore, the early November date could make fans dream of a presentation in Italy: given that the first chapter was previewed at the Venice Film Festival, there are those who expect the second to also make its debut in the lagoon city. Will start However, it remains to be seen whether the selectors like the film, whether it will be finished by September or whether Warner Bros. wants to bet on a festival again for presentation. However, it is confirmed that the film will hit the screens on 3 November.

in the second chapter of dune All the main cast already seen in the first film will return, and it has been confirmed that the character played by Chani zendaya, There will be a lot more space than what we saw in the first film. Other faces have joined the cast as well. Austin Butler, Florence Pugh And Christopher Walken. The cast also includes French actress lea seydoux And Tim Blake Nelson. So those main names include Dave Bautista, Josh Brolin, Rebecca Ferguson and Stellan Skarsgård, who we already had a chance to see in the first chapter.

As far as the story of the film is concerned, the official synopsis of the film is as follows:

“This second chapter will trace the legendary journey of Paul Atreides after joining forces with Chani and the Fremen as he sets out on the Gwara Path to seek revenge on the conspirators who destroyed his family. Faced with a choice between the love of his life and the fate of the known universe, he must fight to prevent a terrifying future that only he can see.”

It is not yet clear whether Denis Villeneuve intends to continue bringing other volumes of the literary saga to the big screen after the release of this second volume. dune, In this regard, the second collider, The director said:

“There is another Dune book, Dune Messiah, that would make a great movie. I’ve always seen it could have been a trilogy: but, after that, we’ll see. Been working for many years. I can’t think of going any further than that.”

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