Everything you need to know about Hijack, the thriller TV series with Idris Elba

Here’s what you need to know about the shows arriving on Apple TV+ today, Wednesday 28 June (will also appear via the app on Sky Glass, Sky Q and Now Smart Stick). Idris Elba, star of the television series Luther and the Wire, is here dealing with a hijacked plane, stepping into a character very different from his usual roles.

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Today, Wednesday 28 June, it comes kidnapper On Apple TV+ (also visible via app on Sky Glass, Sky Q and Now Smart Stick).

kidnapper It is a thriller genre television series starring the stars of the series Luther And Wire, Idris Elba. Here we will see the actor battling a hijacked plane, stepping into a character very different from his usual roles.
What is very special about this series is that it runs for seven hours: this is the time limit for a plane flight from Dubai to London, and is also how long a miniseries lasts. kidnapperOn the above route from Dubai to the capital of the United Kingdom, a hijacked plane was boarded.
It is a seven-episode miniseries that explores in real time what would happen during a peaceful plane trip, given that the vehicle is hijacked. During the seven hours of flight, ground officials will desperately try to find a solution, but the only person who can save the day is Elba’s character.
Taking advantage of the idea of ​​the unity of time and space, the decision to condense everything into 7 episodes is a winning one. Beyond that, it’s impossible not to think of another television series that made small screen history in the thriller and action genre: 24In which Kiefer Sutherland played the role of the famous Jack Bauer.

Idris Elba plays negotiator Sam Nelson.

Idris Elba, 50 (he will turn 51 in September) has a new role in this TV show: he plays Sam Nelson, a negotiator who has to use all his wits to save the lives of passengers Is. board the plane. However, the high-risk strategy this expert chooses to adopt may also be his downfall… No spoilers, we won’t give away other details of this TV series, a must-watch for anyone who likes it. 24,
Along with Idris Elba, Archie Panjabi is also in the cast (The Good Wife, Blindspot And snowpiercer), who plays Zahra Ghafoor, an anti-terrorist agent who is on the ground when the plane is hijacked and will herself become part of the investigation. We remember, Punjabi was honored with an Emmy Award for the hit television series good wife

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Elba is also the creator and producer of the series

Let’s say Idris Elba is the “one man band” in this case. in addition to being the star of kidnapperIn fact, he is also its creator and producer.
“I wanted to try something different. I wanted to do something that would instantly spark love or hate with the audience,” the British actor revealed during a recent interview with the magazine. hollywood reporter, “In Wire And LutherCharacter is built slowly. With this guy… He’s in abduction mode and he’s right there. And you ask yourself: what would I do if I were in his place? So, I was really attracted to him,” Idris Elba said.



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Hijack means “hijacking” in English.

series title, kidnapperIn English it means “abduction”.
SAG winner and Emmy Award nominee Idris Elba also serves as executive producer on the show. The series is the first project as a result of Alba’s deal signed by Green Door Pictures with Apple TV+.
kidnapper written by georgelupine the criminal) and is directed by Jim Field Smith (wrongdoer, The writer and director himself is also an executive producer along with Elba, Jamie Lawrensson, Håkan Cusetta and Chris Thykkier.
kidnapper Produced by 60forty Films and Idiotlamp Productions in association with Green Door Pictures.



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Idris Elba, one of today’s most interesting British actors

Alba of British nationality is one of the most interesting faces in television and film industry today.
She was highly praised for her performance in the television series Luther, among others. for his role in Luther (starring role, titled John Luther), won a Golden Globe. In 2016, he won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Supporting Actor for the film animal without nationalso being nominated for the same category at the BAFTA Awards and Golden Globes.

Some of her famous roles include in the films Prometheus, Pacific Rim, Fast and Furious – Hobbs & Shaw And Suicide Squad – Suicide Mission. Idris Elba also plays Heimdall in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.



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