everything you need to know about the David Fincher movie on Netflix

With Michael Fassbender as the mad killer, the collaboration between platform and thriller master continues.

Three years after Mank with Gary Goldman, a fruitful collaboration between David Fincher and Netflix has resulted in an exciting new film. The second highest genius director, which, however, would not be a weakness. On the contrary, only 118 minutes will allow Murderer keep a fast pace, until the end. The film is already a contender for the title of one of the main films of the Venice Film Festival 2023.

The plot and cast of “The Killer”

The cast of the film

Further 10th of November on Hastings’ streaming platform, The Killer is based on the film of the same name. comic, released in the late 1990s in France and therefore successfully exported all over the world, including the United States. Receiving rave reviews from critics who are ready to present him with various prestigious awards, the work of Alexis Nole (Matz) also brought a fortune thanks to the magnificent work of designer Luc Jalamon.

The cast of the film

Murderer – a project dear to Fincher since 2007, fascinated by the disturbing atmosphere and psyche of the protagonist, ruthless killer delirious. A series of setbacks along the way meant constant delays. Then, in 2021, Fincher managed to make a compelling case to get a long-awaited yes from Netflix.

Style Murderer fully reflects the canons of thinking underlying adaptation. He decided to go without fail by calling some of his most trusted collaborators, including screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker, photographer Eric Messerschmidt and soundtrack executives Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Indeed, it again affected Brad Pitt, still in the role of producer. However, the main role was assigned Michael Fassbenderwho, drawing on some of his best past work, brings an icy killer to the stage in both his eyes and his soul.

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