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The Antonio V. Liberti will be packed against Racing and several fans will return to the Monumental after almost two years and from then until today there have been several changes regarding the entrance to the stadium.

The Monumental will be 100% in the match between River and Racing on the 22nd date of the Professional League.
© Getty.El Monumental will be 100% in the match between River and Racing on the 22nd date of the Professional League.

The pandemic hit the world of soccer hard, the activity was stopped for several months and the stadiums empty for more than a year in Argentina. On October 1, the fans again encouraged their teams in the stands, the National Government authorized a capacity of 50% for that time, which meant for River that only 36 thousand spectators could attend the Monumental to encourage the Millionaire. The reality is that this number was clearly surpassed against Boca and that it was then respected.

But since November 16, and as the health situation – until now – is under control and the numbers are low, the Government authorized the stadiums to be able to return to 100% of their capacity. The Biggest will play his first game with this possibility against Racing next Thursday, the tickets are already sold out and More than 72 thousand spectators will have the opportunity to see the Doll’s team go around the Olympics, because if River equals or beats the Academy, it will be champion of the Professional League.

Now, as this is the first game with full capacity, there are many fans who will go to the Monumental since the beginning of the pandemic and the situation changed a lot. The club established that fans must have their Unique Card – which replaces the historic membership card and the entry or subscription, so it unifies it in a single card – and it can be withdrawn, for those who do not have it. , at the club this Wednesday until 8:00 p.m. and the same Thursday of the game from 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Pinwheels and historical reception

On the other hand, the security measures changed and since October there are turnstiles 150 meters from the entrance, there the Unique Card must be supported and if approved, the final turnstile will be passed., the one that is properly in the income to the stands. It is also important to clarify that you have to carry the National Identity Document. In addition, fans who attend the Monumental against the Academy should know that they will be part of a historic reception In which there will be about 360 strips and about 50 thousand elongated balloons popularly known as pendorchos, the reception is organized by the Fan Subcommittee.

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