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by Fabio Magliano on 06/20/2023.

evil new single

After his latest critically acclaimed album ‘Hell Unleashed’ (2021), July 14, 2023 english masters of metal evil Strike Again With Their Sixth Full-Length Record Titled ‘The Unknown’ napalm records,

Today Avril present the video for the new single “Reap What You Sow”, a sonic world drifting into a thunderous thrash manifesto!

in fron ol drake declares: The second single from “The Unknown” is ‘Reap What You Sow’ – a more up-tempo riff-fest. Without wishing to reveal too much of the song’s personal meaning, the song is about hypocrisy: someone says that Do nothing and then he does. I didn’t give Ingo, the director of the song’s video, any direction other than the lyrics, so the video is his personal interpretation of the song. The middle part of the song has a down-picking riff. Good joke!” .

Since their formation in 2002, Anvil has been turning heads and grabbing names, delivering pure thrash offerings, mixed with dissonant metal onslaught. The band not only played a prominent role in the thrash metal revival movement of the late 2000s to early 2000s, but, as Kerrang!

This time, Evil prove they are more than just a thrash band, churning out slow tempos with a heavy attitude. In addition, the melodic vocals tackle serious and thoughtful themes in the songs – ranging from depression, recurring loss and nightmares, overcoming self-esteem and image, to more personal topics such as living with dementia, struggles in the music industry and even Even the worry of becoming one. New Parents – Featured on songs such as the album’s first single and title track “The Unknown”.

On ‘The Unknown’, Avril is deeper, more personal and soulful, while also proving to be heavier, louder and raucous than ever! The album’s ten new tracks showcase the haunting elements of the band and a “new” side of Evil, balancing a dark, melodic, almost hypnotic vibe with expansive, heavy riffs and thunderous drums, while maintaining their trademark And true to their explosive roots. ‘The Unknown’ highlights the rampant talent of these British metal leaders, proving that thrash doesn’t always have to be edgy. He can also come face to face with extraordinary music, unafraid to display as yet unknown facets of lyrical depth and an immersive, versatile and fearless modern metal sound!

,We’re so excited to begin unveiling the next Page of Evil chaptersaid frontman Ol Drake. “We took a completely different approach to this album and I looked within for inspiration; I opened up like I had never imagined. Like the last album (Hell Unleashed) we’ve always gone 500 mph, but this time we felt we wanted to try the opposite: a slower tempo than ever before, with a more melodic vocal hook, and Freedom to Adam to write a little bit of songs. I’ve been working on my vocals since we dived into 2021, and we’ve been working hard on this record for two years, so I can’t wait for everyone to hear the fruits of my labor. We’re really proud of what we’ve accomplished with this album. I hope this album can get us more ears and places to play where we’ve never been before for the people who keep asking us to play in their area.”

‘The Unknown’ was recorded by Tim Vincent at Longwave Studios in Cardiff, UK, and produced, mixed and mastered by Chris Clancy at Longwave Studios itself.

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