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EVM compatible chains are at risk

A major consensus bug has affected more than half of the nodes on the Ethereum network, causing those running older versions of Geth to be separated from the mainnet.

According to Ethereum software developer Marius van der Wijden, an attacker took advantage a vulnerability affecting older versions of Geth, one of Ethereum’s software clients. According to the developer, Geth clients and Ethereum nodes running software v1.10.7 or earlier run the risk of being separated from the network.

“Infura and the big exchanges seem to be on the right side of the fork, so all transactions through metamask should be fine,” said van der Wijden. “Users running validators should update their nodes quickly (in the next 10 hours, I think), otherwise they would vote for invalid committees.”

Binance Smart Chain’s Twitter account and others had warned previously to Geth customers who will update to v1.10.8, which claimed to have a patch for the vulnerability in previous versions. Strings compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine or EVM they may also be at risk.

“Avoid doing [transacciones] for a while until confirmed, unless you are sure you are shipping to the latest version of Geth ”, advised Yearn.finance founder Andre Cronje.

This story is in progress and will be updated shortly.

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