Ex-athlete captains go to the French peninsula with ELA for a massive march of solidarity

Peña de Francia (Salamanca), 6 August (EFE). – Former athlete José Luis Capitán, who has suffered from ALS for nine years, sat on a chair pulled by a relay this Sunday to the Pena de Francia in Salamanca on the special chair with which he had already taken the stage at the Pena de Francia in Salamanca. A year ago, the fabulous Angliru was accompanied by three hundred volunteers, family and friends.

All of them walked the 19 kilometers to the summit of the town of San Martín del Castañar (ancestral home of the Madrid native Capi) at 1,727 meters above sea level, our Dominican holy place. Lady de la Peña de Francia, an enclave of great spiritual importance in Salamanca.

The initiative embodies the emotion and great effort of fellow players of different ages and physical conditions, determined to support the former athlete who amassed numerous victories in national and European mountain competitions, while condemning the abuse of people with ALS surveys and the lack of support for families.

An incurable disease has completely paralyzed José Luis Capitán’s body and he needs permanent help, like many of the more than 4,000 people living with the disease in Spain, He can now only communicate through an advanced technological system that allows him to communicate with others. Write and speak with a computer-processed voice.

He used this voice to thank his people, all those who accompanied him on this journey. “Cappy” once again showed that he kept his sense of humor intact and shared his feelings and wishes for the future, which will undoubtedly continue to be marked by the evolution of this terrible disease.

The four-hour parade concluded in the corridors, with participants applauding and paying tribute to Jose Luis Capitán as they reached the summit on chairs pulled by rescuers from the Amurío (Álava) association, which helps ALS Patient Ezina Ekinez Egina and by volunteers.

The former athlete, who also received a medal that Dominicans only award to “important” people, said some touching words, according to the friar who received him, surrounded by marchers wearing commemorative shirts that read “I and Cappy” and his name. Closest relatives such as his wife Teresa or his brother Vicente Capitan, an athlete and sports commentator like himself.

The new trophy for international Jose Luis Capitan is the solidarity, closeness and friendship of those who accompanied him this Sunday and will continue to do so forever.Effie



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