ex-Miss-universe drives the temperature in South Africa


Every day, without exception, Iris Mittenaere takes us behind the scenes of his eventful days. In addition to his residence in the “Paradis Latin”, where she plays the cheerleader revue, the former Miss universe must also manage, interviews, photo shoots, appointments, the professionals, the sophisticated events and other fashion shows, to which she is invited, and his personal life.

Lately she is in the arm of her beloved Diego El Glaoui, the former beauty Queen has emerged a lot of. The two young people does not stop even dream of that inflamed their communities with declarations of love. In fact, if Iris Mittenaere dares, the love Declaration in the middle of the show on the stage in the “Paradis Latin”, her husband responds to him, when he wrote : It is just the draw of the lottery, that I realize, I’m already rich ” on Instagram. A sentence, as he saw his beloved Iris, the draw of the lotto will present, at TF1…

After her stay in love in New York, Iris flew to South Africa alone this time. There are a few hours, the pretty brunette has released two photos of her, the form parts in a beautiful swimsuit with two parts orange. Let your subscribers without a voice. And more compliment, the users were not able to prevent the in comparison to his mum, Laurence druart to this : “Each beauty, the Iris “, ” you’re gorgeous “, ” Too beautiful this photo, the Iris, the color orange looks good on you “, “Wow, you’re beautiful, I have no words to describe your beauty “” you What, what you look like your mother on the second photo “, “ OMG the second picture, the portrait of mum spat “, “ You’re much with your mother on this photo “.

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Eleanor of la Fontaine