Ex-US candidate who didn’t wear a mask dies of Covid-19


Herman Cain% 2C ex-presidential candidate in the United States

Herman Cain, the ex-presidential candidate in the United States Former Republican candidate for president of the United States Herman Cain, who refused to wear a mask amid the pandemic of the new coronavirus (Sars-CoV-2), died on Thursday morning by Covid-19. A supporter of President Donald Trump, Cain tested positive for the disease on June 29, nine days after participating in a pro-government act in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Cain was 74 years old, which classified him as a member of the risk group for Covid-19, and the information of his death was confirmed in a publication published on his website and on his Facebook profile.

After receiving the diagnosis of the disease, the former president spent most of July in a hospital in the Atlanta area. “We are heartbroken and the world has become poorer: Herman Cain went to be with the Lord,” said the publication on its website. He suffered respiratory complications because of the new coronavirus.

Since the start of the pandemic, many Trump supporters have rejected the advice of public health experts and refused to wear face masks. This is the main way to avoid contamination.

Just before announcing his diagnosis, on July 2, Cain returned to defend his position and express support for not requiring masks at a July 4 event in Mount Rushmore, South Dakota. The demonstration was attended by Trump.

“Masks will not be mandatory for the event, which will be attended by President Trump. PEOPLE ARE BORED,” tweeted the Republican.

Messages of condolence came from leading conservatives, while some liberals used the occasion to promote the use of masks. “Herman Cain will be missed, he was one of the greatest conservative voices of all time. I will never forget his smiling face,” said Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots, on Twitter.

The president also spoke on social media and said Cain was “a powerful voice for freedom”. 

Cain, who considered himself a member of the American Black Conservative, a black conservative movement in the United States, had just started showing a new program on Newsmax TV. He hoped to play a role in the 2020 election campaign.

The Republican made his fortune as executive director of Godfather’s Pizza and led some polls early in the race for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, he became a supporter of Trump.