Exasesor of Trump suggests that Bill Gates would have created the coronavirus to implant microchips in the world’s population


The lobbyist, a firm ally of the White House, notes that the co-founder of Microsoft “and other globalists” are using the covid-19 to promote “vaccination compulsory” and the inoculation of microchips in people.

Roger Stone, exasesor of the president of the united states, Donald Trump suggested on Monday that Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, could be behind the creation of the coronavirus, in an attempt to implant microchips in people with the excuse of knowing who has been subjected to testing to detect the covid-19 and who is not.

“If Bill Gates played some role in the creation and spread of this virus, it is a subject open to a vigorous debate. I have conservative friends who say that it is ridiculous, and others who say that at all,” said Stone on the radio program ‘The Answer’, 970 AM, when asked about the conspiracy theories with regard to the pandemic.

Bill Gates estimated how much could last the quarantine by the coronavirus

Stone, political consultant and lobbyist, he suggested that the multi-millionaire “and other globalists” are using the virus to promote “mandated vaccinations and the implantation of microchips in people, so that we know if they have been subjected to tests”, collects New York Post. “Over my dead body. What vaccinations are required? No way!”said the exasesor presidential, convicted in February, to 40 months in prison for lying to Congress and for witness tampering. Roger Stone he offered no argument in support their statements about the philanthropist.

A conspiracy theory (which so far has no foundation) with regard to the co-founder of Microsoft and a possible vaccine against the new coronavirus has been circulating during the last few weeks on social media platforms, and has been shared by, among others, a presenter Fox News and a correspondent of Newsmax.

In a recent interview virtual CCTV, Gates said, on the theories that link it with the creation of the coronavirus, which is “ironic” point “to someone who is doing everything possible to prepare the world” and investing billions of dollars to fight against infectious diseases. “We are in a situation crazy, so there will be rumors crazy“said the philanthropist, adding that, although “there are many attacks”, in general, “people have been very positive”.

“We are in unchartered territories”

Gates and his foundation have been warning about an epidemic of this type for years, and lately he has led and funded the efforts to find a vaccine. In a recent interview with the BBC, the tycoon criticized the insufficient preparation that showed the Governments to a global pandemic. As well, asserted that “very few countries will gain a grade ‘A’ for that fight,” and warned that now “we are in uncharted territories”.

Gates holds that have been put in place suitable preparations, the treatment for the disease would have been available in four months, the diagnoses in a month and the vaccine in less than a year. Currently, he says, it is likely that this vaccine will not arrive until within 18 months.

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