Excellent book Offer ‘Free Internet of 20 GB For 60 days in Whatsapp, Watch out you are not at the risk of


TRIBUNSUMSEL.COM — The outbreak of the corona virus, a number of workers are required to work from home and the students learn from home.

Internet connection is one of the most important components that are required to perform “work from home” or “learning at home.

However, it is the parties, the advantage of this moment to commit a crime. It’s the Doc’s related disease Covid-19 rife milling about. One of them is the offer of free internet quota is.

A book, with a quota of free internet 20 gigabyte crowded, distributed in the different groups, WhatsApp and other social media.

“FREE Internet connection 20 GB. You will receive 20 GB of free internet access for 60 days for each wireless service provider.

I simply turn on to me, [link ke sebuah situs berdomain .club]”so the content of the message, it’s the Doc’s excellent.

A message that contains wrong information that is circulating, in fact, already in 2018 then.

However, the message tersebat re-transmission of the message chain, either in a group or private chat.

On the bottom of the message and a link, when clicked it is contained on a particular web page, the looks, seem to be convincing. On the side is the inscription “free Internet connection 20 GB for 60 days”.

Then at the bottom, you will be prompted to fill out a questionnaire to a free tier for the whole of the operator.