Excessive consumption of “junk” food can cause gastritis in children

Claudia Araujo

Culiacan, Sinaloa -. It’s very common for kids to crave junk food during the day, some more than others, however, the food they consume, whether it’s fried food, sweets, soft drinks, etc., can take a toll on their health. problems, at worst gastrointestinal problems such as gastritis.

Carlos Mihail Soares Arredondo, director of the Sinaloa Pediatric Hospital, said that while there were no cases requiring hospitalization, they did have documented cases of these gastrointestinal illnesses in children.

“The flow…was very spicy from eating this fried food, not many cases so far this year, about 15 of the documented cases could have been managed in the emergency room, just the advice was to do the nutrition and it was taken care of, They can go home.”

He noted that this is a relatively common problem because many children fast for long periods of time and sometimes the first food of the day is fried food, which is obviously not recommended.

In addition to a trend, he noted, there is also a fad to consume increasingly spicy foods.

“Or more spicy fried foods, so in addition to actually being spicy and everything that these fried foods contain and fasting, they can cause this gastrointestinal symptom in children.”

Superintendent Suarez Arredondo urged parents to follow the advice to prevent children from showing the images, with a focus on avoiding prolonged fasts in which children always leave the house with a big breakfast.

2-. As a long-term help to cause gastritis or reflux.

3-. Avoid all kinds of fried food or do not eat it often or at breakfast.

4-. And other types of food such as mint and chocolate that cause such pictures.

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