Excluded Public: Slimane, Vitaa, Diam’s: their TOTALLY crazy project in Morocco!


And it is in Morocco that the BFF decided to make their project a reality!

Everything seems to be going for the best for Slimane and Vitaa! The ranking of the best sales of albums for the year 2020 has been published according to the annual ranking of the SNEP (National Union of Phonographic Publishing). A top that takes into account the cumulative sales on physical media and digital files (purchase of dematerialized album and streaming).

Regarding album equivalents for streaming, the SNEP indicates that, as of January 2019,  “the streaming listening volumes of all tracks on an album are cumulative. This total is converted to sales equivalents (on an of 1,500 streams = 1 sale) after having subtracted from this total half of the streams of the most listened title “.

Vitaa and Slimane’s VersuS album is number 1 with 347,500 physical sales (416,940 sales with streaming and for the period from January to December 2020). An opus carried by hits such as “Ca ira” or “Avant toi”. Released in August 2019, it was re-released in October 2020 as VersuS: Chapter 2, with ten additional songs. In total, VersuS (1 and 2) totaled, over 2019 and 2020, the figure of 576,000 sales. 

And to have fun, the BFF has decided to each afford a house in Marrakech. They have spent a lot of time there in recent months. It must be said that the city offers a lot of advantages, less than three hours from Paris, constantly sunny, the city offers many advantages.

And it seems that Slimane and Vitaa, who would have the side of their house by side, carried out this project with a third person, who, too, decided to have a base in Marrakech, next to them. This is Diam’s. The latter has remained very close to Vitaa despite the fact that she has withdrawn from the media world. In any case, and to believe the stories shared by Slimane and Vitaa lately, their second homes seem very comfortable, it makes you want to be there!