Exhibition game a Year in the USA was Postponed due to the Corona Virus


KOMPAS.com – Facebook, Sony, Electronic Arts, and Kojima Productions has announced that it is the void present in the exhibition of the annual Game Developers Conference ( GDC) in the year 2020, in San Francisco, USA, by an outbreak of the corona virus.

In short, the developer of the developer of the game was after a declared backward. This is also the Committee of the GDC the power to postpone the event this year.

“Although it is difficult, we decided to move the game developers conference, which should take place in March of this year,” wrote the organizers of the GDC, in its official website.

However, the Committee of the GDC, do not write explicitly that the delay caused by the outbreak of the corona virus. The announcement of the delay GDC 2020 according to the number of participants withdraw from the event.

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The interests of the games developers, the outbreak of the corona virus, because the show GDC, this includes many participants from different countries.

Facebook, for example, they have announced the void present at the GDC due to the increased health risks in connection with the outbreak of the corona virus. You take care of the health and safety of its employees, partners, and community-GDC.

While a spokesman for Sony said that they prioritize security, since his country (Japan) also has travel restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

“We have made the difficult decision to cancel our participation at the Game Developers Conference, due to the increasing problems in connection with COVID-19 (coronavirus),” wrote the official description of Sony.

The organizers of the GDC say that they are preparing the exchange, which is rumored, in the near future.

“We plan to roll-out the GDC in the summer. We will give you further news in the next few weeks,” wrote the Committee of the GDC.

Chairman of the organizers of the GDC, Simon’s car-free also said that there is a compensation of the costs by the participants of the GDC, such as the rental of the exhibition.

“The promoter will pay the cost of the exemption of the participant in full,” wrote Simon via his personal Twitter account

Summarized KompasTekno from The VergeOn Monday (2/3/2020), in addition to Facebook and Kojima Productions, some game developers such as Sony, Electronic Arts, unity, Amazon, and Epic has cancellation of the event, explains.

As a information, in the case of the GDC 2019 before, a collection of the game developer, took almost 29 ‘ 000 participants.

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