Exhibition Game In The World, The Level Of E3 To 2020 Batal Gara-Gara Corona Virus


PANDEMIC corona virus causes a number of important events in different parts of the world invalid. After the competition, a basketball world-class, NBA, is now an exhibition of the level of the world game, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is also cancelled.

In connection with the cancellation by the organizers, the Electronic Software Association (ESA), has officially announced the decision.

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“After consultation with the full consideration with the entire team in terms of health and in the South all the people in the industry, including fans of the game, our team, exhibitors and partners of the E3, with a heavy heart we had to decide to cancel, will the E3 to 2020”, – stated in the Declaration of the ESA, cited by the page gamespot.

Corona Virus, E3 2020 had to be cancelled (photo: pixabay/tumisu)

The title of the game, this annual report was originally scheduled on 9 – 11. June in Los Angeles, USA. Before the organizer, the ESA, a Declaration by the official. The fate of the show, as can guess, will be declared invalid.

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The reason for this is that it is not much different is it with a number of other major events, namely the spread of the corona virus are already in the serious stage.

The pandemic Virus Corona a number of technology has forced companies and organizations, canceled plans as well as the annual events, the you. You call MWS, Facebook F8, Google I/O, Apple WWDC, and so on.

Earlier, the news of the cancellation event E3 is called in gusts over the twitter account of @devolver digital to cancel the flight and rent a hotel room for the event E3 in 2020.

Tweeting from the distribution platform of the game, regardless of the origin of the English language was suddenly reap a variety of reactions from the warganet.

Many important events will be moved until repealed by the corona virus (photo: pixabay/geralt)

Finally, the organizers have made a decision. Where an annual event that always expected by the game lovers as well as people working in the game industry, the same has occurred with other events.

After the E3, it is likely a number of other major events in the world null and void, if the pandemic virus corona last for a long time. (Ryn)

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