Exhibition of stars who changed the world in London

“I am an artist and I have the ability and free will to choose how the world imagines me. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t be exactly who you are.” Words from Lady Gaga, one of the contemporary stars, who sums up the message best Show diva, inaugurated in june Victoria and Albert Museum London and on bill until 7 April 2024.

on display Over 250 items including fashion, photography, design and over 60 looks that celebrates the power and creativity of most respected artist, showing how the role and The concept of “diva” interpreted, distorted and renovated Over time through opera, theatre, cinema and music.

in cult works, also unpublishedThe black fringed dress worn by Marilyn Monroe In some Like It Hot of 1959; swimsuit designed by christian dior Vivien Leigh in Comedy duel of angels ButApollo Theater in 1958; There Collection for Maria Callas Ideal But Covent Garden Opera Company in 1952.

and then: sketch of ready in Flame for tina turner A shot of the singer, by Bob Mackie from 1977 lizzo In a faux ermine dress with “Don’t Be a Drag Just Be a Queen” sash Victor and Rolf in 2021; Worn by Louis XVI wig and train look Elton John on his 50th birthday and designed by Sandy Powell.

“At the center of this exhibition is a History of Iconic Women Artists with the creativity, courage and ambition in them challenged the status quo and he used his voice and his art retrieve the word diva» Kate Bailey, senior curator of theater and performance explained This goes on.

The first Italian actress to claim the title was isabella andreni (1562–1604). “Described as a multi-faceted genius, Andreini transcended his humble origins, was passionate about education and captivated audiences with his divine eloquence – writes Bailey in the exhibition catalog – his performances evoked an inner experience that combined public intimacy and authenticity with a supernatural character, attracting a cult of worshippers”.

in 1883oxford english dictionary first defined Diva as in “a splendid” Female singer, a prima donna”. From Adelina Patty to Sarah Bernhardt, from Eleonora Duse to Mary Lloyd, the stage at the turn of the century was filled with actors of character, self-sufficient and strong-willed. Give a voice to a generation of independent women.

“You can’t stop a girl from thinking!” The New Voice of the English Working Class was a theatrical monologue staged by Mary Lloyd. In America, Josephine Baker became a role model for the 20th century, combining art, performance and politics to provide an important voice in the fight for racial equality.

In recent times, Kate Bailey states, The diva also negotiated her place in rock, pop and country. From Dolly Parton to Barbra Streisand, popular music has given women a new platform and new audiences. Aretha Franklin and Joan Baez fueled diva change, while Cher and Tina Turner forged new identities and careers in the 1970s, working with visionary stylists such as Bob Mackie to create iconic stage characters.

It’s time for Grace Jones and Madonna to rise in the ’80s Express your sexuality and constantly reinvent your public persona”, And male artists like Elton John, Freddie Mercury and Prince “proved how.” The concept of diva is fluid and can be used and broadcast on and off stage to create new experimental spaces male stars can express femininity And be as fabulous as your female counterparts.”

and today? Multiple Divas exist simultaneously, each with a unique message to launch. “Lady Gaga seamlessly moves from award-winning Hollywood blockbusters to metamorphic stage productions. Lizzo is a champion of body positivity, Beyoncé draws inspiration from many black intellectuals and leaders to be the female voice of black empowerment,” Bailey concluded.

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