Exhibition opens with De Angelis

In honor of Salvatore Todaroheroic submariner The Second World War at the center of the film Edward DeAngelis “Commander”, which opens the exhibition tonight with a world premiere, a real submarine has arrived in Laguna, Romeo Romei, of the Todaro class, dedicated, in fact, to the hero of the seas, who sank a Belgian enemy ship, but saved the crew. The Navy has moored the historic boat at Riva Sette Martiri until September 1st, making it available to curious people wanting to learn more about periscopes and torpedoes.

The Minister of Culture will applaud the “Commander” tonight at the Palazzo del Cinema Gennaro Sangiuliano, who yesterday, opening the refurbished Sala Perla at the Palazzo del Casino on the Lido, delivered encouraging words for the future of our industry, confirmed this summer with a half-price ticketing campaign and the “Barbienheimer” super box. “Italian cinema,” he said, “is a projection of our imagination, and historically it has always had great vitality. After years of tarnishing, he is now enjoying a new happy moment thanks to great directors. I came to the exhibition precisely in order to emphasize its value as the highest form of cultural decline.”

The culmination of the opening ceremony hosted by the godmother Katerina Murino (live on Rai Movie from 19:00) with guest star Malika Ayane on the sheet music of “Cielo in una stanza”, the Golden Lion Lifetime Achievement Award to Liliana Cavani. With a little theatrical upheaval, Charlotte Rampling, the unforgettable protagonist of Drape Note and the Volpi Cup in Andrea Pallaoro’s Hannah, will say laudatio in honor of the great ninety-year-old director, who is very lively. The next day in the morning preview, he will present his new film in cinemas ” The order of time.”

Between tornado and flood VeniceIn fact, it’s already autumn. And while Mayor Brugnaro says he favors experimenting with next year’s entry ticket to stem the hordes of street tourism, crowds of festivalgoers descend on the Lido, multiplied by an uncontrolled increase in side events and side events. . In the midst of respect Gina Lollobrigida showing a scandalous documentary Orson Welles (which she obviously genuinely hated) and “Lights! Room! Influence!” To pay tribute to filmmakers “who tell stories that make an impact” (whatever that means), there really is something for everyone. Nicky Wendola is getting ready to give Bukchak Action! on the never-so-relevant topic of the leftover. The Giornate degli Autori pays homage to Citto Maselli and Italo Calvino in the pre-opening, and then honors Andrea Purgatori, the great journalist who died prematurely, by presenting an award in his name to Luca Guadagnino, who should have opened the Venice Film Festival with Challengers and Zendaya in competition if the production hadn’t made the film because of the actors’ strike Hollywood.

For the same reason (lack of Cate Blanchett’s super-review), he will miss the long-awaited Armani Beauty party, but not the great designer’s show at the Arsenal. In exceptional circumstances, on September 1st and 2nd, the historic Des Bains Theater will reopen its doors for two evenings in honor of Italian cinema, on the 3rd “Hollywood Reporter” will honor Andrea Scrosati, Fremantle Producer of the Year, on the 4th “Vanity Fair Party will follow their example” ”, on the 6th, the “Elle” part, and on the 7th, the “Chuck” part. Last night, on the eve of the inauguration, the President of the Jury, Damien Chazelle, opened the ball at Danieli with a very private party dedicated to his cinema, and on the 3rd, the charity event most requested by socialites, Gala Amfar, will be staged at Misericordia, guests of honor Rita Ora and Ava DuVernay.

Due to the strike of Hollywood stars, some important people will not be on the red carpet, such as Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Willem Dafoe and Penelope Cruz, but don’t worry, there will be plenty of non-core Italians, Europeans and Americans. And yesterday, surprisingly, George Clooney landed in Venice: he doesn’t have a film to promote, but he will be accompanying his wife Afef to a prize organized by Diane von Fustenberg, what else? The president of the Cicutto Biennale, who has seen all the colors in the last years between the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, looking at the number of tickets sold, accredited and booked, now rejoices: “In terms of quantity and quality, this is the strongest exhibition in these four years.”

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