Exhibitions in Bologna and Emilia-Romagna: elegant baroque, art by Yvonne Rainer, rock by Mark Allan

In Bologna, as in the region, all public and private museums are open with their permanent collections and temporary exhibitions.

After a break in mid-August, we return to the underground passage of Piazza Re Enzo. “Bologna photographed. People, places, photographersan extensive overview of the many faces of the city from the nineteenth century to the present day, including family albums and photographs that chronicle the past.
Until January 28, 2024

Once again, you can enjoy the beauties of Bologna in the Municipal Art Collections (Palazzo d’Accursio, Piazza Maggiore, 6) thanks to a small but curious exhibition. “Beautiful baroque. Youthful activities of Giuseppe Marchesi, known as Sansone” which illustrates a page of art under the Towers of the 18th century.
Until September 2

You arrive in Romagna at the Santa Maria della Vita Oratorio (via Clavature 8) with an exhibition organized by Genus Bononiae, Hilario Fioravanti. Insights of pain and joy “. It is dedicated to the sculptor from Cesena and includes various works of a sacred nature, including the “Lamentation” created by Fioravanti in 1985.
Until September 25

Not far from the Archaeological Museum (via dell’Archiginnasio 2) you can admire “Sekhmet the Mighty. Lioness in the city», an imposing statue that was probably created by Amenhotep III, one of the most famous pharaohs of the 18th dynasty (1388-1351 BC), to decorate the enclosure of his “Temple of Millions of Years” in Western Thebes. Until December 31

Then the journey into the past continues at Medievale (Via Manzoni 4) with an exhibition. Assyrians in the shadow of the Two Towers. Inscribed brick of the Kalhu ziggurat in Iraq and excavations of the Iraqi-Italian Archaeological Mission in Nineveh. Until September 17

Fans of contemporary art should stop at Mambo (14 Don Minzoni St.), where “Yvonne Reiner: words, dances, films”the first Italian retrospective dedicated to the American choreographer, performer, poet, film director, exploring the relationship between the author’s choreographic, cinematic and theoretical production.
Until September 10

The Sala Project is hosting a solo exhibition by Muna Moussi, a Bolognese artist of Eritrean origin. “Bologna street, 173, way back. Eritrean congresses and festivals in Bologna».
Until September 10

Exhibition in the foyer “Books and dirt in the flooded Romagna”with photographs taken by Giovanni Zaffagnini, talks about the devastating impact of the recent floods in Romagna on books.
Until September 24

Three appointments for a photo shoot: at the Museum of Music (Strada Maggiore 34) an appointment “It is (NOT) only rock and roll. Photos by Mark Allan”, a very rich gallery of music stars from Madonna to David Bowie, from the Rolling Stones to Freddie Mercury, from Grace Jones to The Who, through the prism of an English artist. Until September 10

Free admission to Mast to visit the exhibition. Andreas Gursky. Visual spaces of today”dedicated to the German photographer. About forty frames of gigantic size, telling the story of our world. Until January 7, 2024
But here you also visit “Come on, Chipputee. The history of 50 years of work in Italy in the drawings of Altana”.
Palazzo Albergati (via Saragozza 24) is the setting for Timeless Time, a journey through black and white photography by Vincent Peters that immortalized actresses and models of our time such as Christian Bale, Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel, Laetitia Casta, Penélope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow. Until October 1

The painting of the twentieth century appears in its diverse aspects.
At the Palazzo Fava (via Manzoni 2), Genus Bononiae presents a retrospective. “Journey into the unknown. Lucio Saffaro between art and science” dedicated to this eclectic intellectual, artist, writer, poet and mathematician. Until September 24th.

Lercaro Foundation (via Riva Reno 57) with “The Dynamics of Balance – Giovanni Corompay, Antonio Mazzotti, Mario Nanni and Ivo Tartarini” tells the story of the three protagonists of geometric abstract art who worked in Bologna under the influence of Korompay. Until September 17

Instead, pay homage to the still active and prolific artist at CUBO in Porta Europa (Piazza Vieira de Mello 3) with a personal “Maurizio Bottarelli – Pushing the Limit” which here presents large-scale pictures. Until September 29

Reggio Emilia
They can be visited at the Palace of Museums. “One foot in Eden. Luigi Ghirri and other views” AND “Gardens in Europe and Tree Architecture” with works by Luigi Ghirri, Andrea Abati, Olivo Barbieri, Giovanni Chiaramonte, Joan Foncuberta, Mimmo Jodis, Gianni Leone, Francesco Radino, Olivier Richon, George Tatgue, Ernesto Tuliosi, Fulvio Ventura, Verena von Gagern, Kuchi White, Cesare Leonardi, Frank Internships

Al Mays with an exhibition “House of life. Synagogues and cemeteries in Italy» two thousand years of history can be traced. Drawings, photographs, documents and objects tell about the architectural, ritual and social aspects of Jewish synagogues and cemeteries.

At the Palazzo dei Diamanti, photography is the protagonist of Guido Harari’s solo exhibition. “Dating. 50 years of photos and stories” which brings together over 300 frames, installations and original films, projections

It is installed on the territory of Villa Mussolini. “Uncertain Robert Doisneau”Over 140 black and white and color images taken from the 1930s to the late 1980s, chronicling the career of a French photographer who took iconic images such as The Kiss at the Hôtel de Ville.

At the International Museum of Ceramics (viale Baccarini, 19) with “International Biennale of Contemporary Ceramic Art” one can discover how such an archaic artistic language continues to inspire contemporary creative people. Until October 29th.

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