Exitoína · Ronald Reegan, the Tiririca, have a look at this list of celebrities who have launched a career in politics


In addition to the success in the world of art, some of the names, such as Cardi B-you want to win a place in the us government

Before the President of the United States, Donald Trump has been known in the media as a successful business man. The President was on TV and he was at the top of the Film Not have to Me 2 – Lost in New York. Given the success of the trombone, we have a list of the celebrities that started the application, selected for the policy.

After the huge success of the terminator, with Arnold Schwarzenegger, when he contested for the elections of the Governor of the state of California, and he has done well since he won enough votes to the position to back up. In 2011, Schwarzenegger his second term in office, stating that he would remove, ended the political career as long.

Netinho de Paula is known as one of the members of the pagoda Black. After years of success, the lead singer of the host was the On Sunday in the United States and it gave the opportunity for many of the girls on the periphery of Sao Paulo for a day, Princess.” In 2008, a Boy ran for city Council in the city of fog, and at the end of the term, he thought, running in the city, to be elected, as a pre-candidate, but his party has the support of Fernando Haddad.

Those who do not to canvas, that Tiririca is released in 20xx, the position of a member of the Federal government. Well, no one ever thought that the joker would get so many votes, and it would be a. up to a choice by focusing on more students, and imitations of other artists, as Well as Todynho and the Best

You will all be surprised to learn that Gil was cast in 2003 for the Squid to take the post of the Minister of culture, responsible for five years.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was not the only movie to start star, a candidacy for the Governor of California, Regan ventured into politics and won the position over the top of the heap: the President of the United States of America.

Although you bring up good examples to test where they have been able to hone their skills on the policies of the last decade, there are two other big names in the music, the fans that you want to enforce your ideals in the government of the United States.

The American rapper has shared with his fans that want to return to your studies, so that in the near future, you can for any political office. Recently, Cardi has become the issue most talked about on Twitter, for the with distributed US $ 100 million, the$ a thousand in a strip club in the province. Will it be that in the near future we will see the face of the singer, shows up for the campaign?

The singer disappeared from the stage and was lonely for a long time, to assist in a post on Twitter, said that the possible application of a co-worker, Kanye West, and offered to be Vice-President. During the interview, Akon about the desire to transform Africa, Wakanda is language. It is important to emphasize that the singer had signed an agreement with the government of Senegal and founded the town of AKON.

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