Exotic fruits that may help prevent heart disease

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Exotic fruits that may help prevent heart diseaseocean

An exotic fruit called pear melon or sweet cucumber (Solanum muricatum) is increasingly popular in Spanish gastronomy, originally cultivated in the Canary Islands and gradually spreading throughout Europe. Although this fruit is relatively unknown, it has many noteworthy properties, such as its ability to reduce the risk of heart disease and even colon cancer.

Native to the Peruvian Andes, pear melon variety It has been cultivated in that area for centuries.Although its agricultural qualities have been used for a long time, its presence in places like spain and new zealand This is relatively new.this various kinds There is a wide variety of fruits found in their native areas, varying in shape, size and color.

These different variants have proven to be adaptable to different climatic conditions and modern cultivation methods, which facilitates their incorporation into current agricultural systems. Additionally, its relative resistance to pests and diseases simplifies its maintenance and care.

sweet cucumber

Sweet cucumber, also known as pear melon, has a subtle flavor that doesn’t overwhelm the taste buds. This versatile fruit can be enjoyed fresh and refreshing or added to salads depending on variety and ripeness.

Perfect for juices, desserts and more delicate dishes, this fruit exhibits a subtle sweetness and light aroma similar to that of melon. However, its lack of acidity makes it an excellent accompaniment to cold vegetable salads, fruit salads, grilled meats and grilled fish dishes, and can be used to make sauces, in addition to being a refreshing option for desserts.

pear melon

A distinctive feature of sweet cucumbers is that they are juicy and refreshing.As for smell, pleasant and refreshing. Although its vitamin C content is considerable, its content varies depending on location, growing conditions, and growing methods. It has a high water content (90%), is low in calories, protein and fiber, and has a moderate mineral content, with potassium being the highest.

Characteristics of pear melon or sweet cucumber

  1. his attributes Antioxidants They fight free radicals and relieve constipation and heartburn.

  2. Include anti-inflammatory properties Helps reduce inflammation in the body.

  3. Agree Sleep peacefully and protect vision healthDelay eye aging.

  4. helpful reduce cholesterol In addition to reducing the risk of kidney stones, it may also prevent heart disease.

  5. decreased Chance of getting colon cancer.

  6. adjust blood sugar level and blood pressure, improve intestinal function and strengthen the immune system.

  7. Relieves symptoms of bronchitis, colds and flu, and provides relief from respiratory illnesses.

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