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Exotic Gear Returns to Dauntless


Exotic gear is returning to MMORPG Dauntless after it was unceremoniously removed from the game late last year. In the latest update, Exotic gear can now be obtained by finding hidden chronicle objects scattered throughout the Hunting Grounds. After finding the objects of the chronicles, they open the task of creating a certain exotic weapon or armor.

The new Timeweaver Armor set can also be unlocked using Chronicle Objects found on the newly spawned Paradox Rift Island. The new set of armor gives the properties of the “Domination”, “Predator” and “Catalysis” properties to those players who manage to create them.

On the island side, Phoenix Labs has made several changes to the Hunting Grounds Islands, including the addition of a new version of the Level 10-13 Paradox Rift called Puzzle Rocks, in which players are guaranteed to meet Vladimir.

You can view the full patch notes on the official Dauntless website.

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