“Expanding Diagnosis and Treatment to Save Lives” – Tucumán Department of Public Health

This is the name of the Hepatitis Training Day held at Padilla Hospital in the framework of World Fight Hepatitis Day.

In this regard, the doctor Ana PalazzoThe Director of the Department of Hepatology, Department of Gastroenterology, said: “This morning, a hepatitis course and training was held for hospital nurses. This is part of the planned activities of Viral Hepatitis Week, remembering that July 28th is a day to commemorate viral hepatitis. world hepatitis day, Kudos to Dr. Baruch Samuel Blumberg for discovering the hepatitis B virus and designing a diagnostic test and vaccine against the disease.

“That’s why we see this date as an opportunity to step up action aimed at eradicating viral hepatitis and make the knowledge and commitment of all involved critical,” he said.

Later, the professional commented: “In the morning, various aspects related to hepatitis C in this case were exposed, which focused on how the hepatitis C virus not only causes liver disease, but also has a full range of clinical manifestations.” Possible symptoms, Beginning with acute hepatitis when infected with the virus, most cases are asymptomatic, only a small proportion of patients (up to 30%) will recover spontaneously, until the late stage of the disease, through chronic hepatitis due to hepatitis C virus carriers, Development of cirrhosis and liver cancer.

“On the other hand, it was also proposed to look for this virus, but not only to consider its expression in the liver, but also to target diseases other than the liver. It has a certain pathogenic mechanism. We know that the C virus Presence is associated with the emergence of diabetes, cardiovascular events, and kidney disease, and in many cases it is even the cause of difficulty conceiving, in addition to skin or blood disorders,” explains..

He added: “By eradicating the C virus, we are fundamentally improving the quality of life for our patients and reducing mortality, morbidity and mortality, which is why all healthcare providers who have the opportunity to work with patients must take this into account. A little.” A timely diagnosis can bring all these benefits, and even has to be followed by a treatment that is currently very simple and accessible to all patients affected by the virus.

For her part, Dr. Daniela PerezA doctor in the gastroenterology department said: “My thesis is about expanding the diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis C and simplifying the entire path from diagnosis to treatment. This means expanding diagnosis through screening. It is important to know that Everyone over the age of 18 must be tested at least once in their lifetime.”

He added: “Pregnant women are recommended to be tested as well, just as they are required to be tested for hepatitis B, they should also be required to be tested for hepatitis C for all people with risk factors.” This greatly increases screening and diagnosis. Also implement micro-elimination strategies and look for patients in high-risk groups”.

Likewise, the professional emphasized that access to treatment has been simplified today. “The aim is to make a diagnosis and request treatment as quickly as possible. It is also important that everyone knows that there are very effective treatments with few side effects, and that today we have genotypic treatments that are effective for all types of C virus , because it has 6 genotypes. They are taken orally and are effective for 8 to 12 weeks,” he emphasized.

“With these treatments, more than 97% of patients are cured by oral administration alone and are provided free of charge through the Ministry of Health to patients without social work and also available through social work which must cover hepatitis C treatment” “, Perez stressed.

It is worth noting that the general public will be tested for Hepatitis C on Friday 28th July at the Effector Central Hall from 9 am to 11 am and that the public will also be informed about the virus and its possible causes. disease, but the most important thing is to emphasize that early diagnosis can be treated in time, and thus cured, which means fewer sequelae.

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