Expats, the first shots of the mini-series with Nicole Kidman

Prime Video is Amazon’s streaming platform, which has given on-demand platform giant Netflix a tough time in recent years by creating and publishing new and original movies and series on its content that have been highly rated by viewers. Among the original Prime Video films we find Wheel of Timereturned to the platform with a second season starting September 1, 2023, and The Lord of the Rings – Rings of Power, a spin-off of Peter Jackson’s trilogy. But there is also a lot of Italian content published by Prime Video, such as the third season LOL – Who laughs outside too which will also have additional income from 2024 Talent show LOL where complete strangers and aspiring comedians will have to convince the jury to become the first official participants in the fourth season of LOL. Upcoming original series to be released include Emigrantsoriginal series starring Nicole Kidman, the first official images of which are now available.

EmigrantsPrime Video publishes the first photos of the series with Nicole Kidman

A six-episode drama miniseries set in Hong Kong will be released on Prime Video in 2024 and has attracted subscriber interest entitled Expats, Directed by Lulu Wang and starring Nicole Kidman. In addition, they are also the executive producers of the series. In addition to Kidman, the cast also includes Sarayu Blue, Jack Huston, Brian Tee and Yoo Ji Young.

On September 8, the world premiere of the penultimate episode of the series, based on the global bestseller, took place at the Toronto International Film Festival. Emigrants by Janice Y.K. Lee. EmigrantsThe story takes place in Hong Kong in 2014 and focuses on three women – Margaret, Hilary and Mercy – whose lives become intertwined after a family tragedy. The series wants to explore what privilege really is and understand the fine line that unites and separates victimhood from awareness and guilt, and how it is gradually blurred.

Lulu Wang – creator, director and screenwriter Emigrants and also serves as executive producer alongside Daniele Melia for Local Time, while Nicole Kidman co-executive produces Pera Saari on behalf of Blossom Films and Alice Bell, the first writer attached to the series project. Teresa Park on behalf of Per Capita Productions and Stan Wlodkowski are executive producers, while Vera Miao, Gursimran Sandhu and original writer Janice Y.K. Lee wrote the script for the film. Emigrants along with Alice Bell and Lulu Wang.

In the first images released by Prime Video, we see that the colors that pop in the photo are immediately noticeable, and we also get a sense of the tone that the eight episodes of the series have. Emigrants some of the images are considered sad and dramatic, such as Nicole Kidman in a car looking out the window and caressing the feet of a character from the series or one where the actress is in a bathtub with a mobile phone in her hand. In other photos, we see the other main characters lined up under umbrellas to protect themselves from the heavy rain, as well as Saraya Blue, who appears to be at a romantic dinner, but has a not-so-happy expression on her face.

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