“Expectation is reality.” Singer MamaRika showed the weather in Odessa on the day of moving

MamaRika (Photo: instagram.com/mamarika_official)

Singer MamaRika, together with her husband Sergey Sereda, moved to Odessa.

A week ago, MamaRika stunned fans with the news that she no longer wants to live in the capital. Together with her husband, they decided to move to Sereda’s homeland – to Odessa.

“ There are many reasons for moving here and you can list them forever, but apparently the main one sounds like this: I love you, Odessa-mother! And even if it sounds too poetic, life is too short to spend it on something that does not please you. And here we will live with full breasts! ” – wrote the singer.


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 The couple already lives in Odessa, and MamaRika dedicated their first post to this: “Odessa, welcome! The expectation is reality. We are knee-deep in snow and ice, and we were also lucky to have time to stop by the city. A day later – and we would spend the night on the track in a wagon with things. If anyone does not know, google what is happening here.

The singer attached a photo and video to the post. In the picture, she is swimming in the sea, and in the video, the artist captured a heavy snowfall outside the window.

Photo: instagram.com/mamarika_official

The real name of MamaRika is Anastasia Kochetova. Last year, the singer married comedian and presenter Sergei Sereda. The couple got married in Thailand.