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Under the accusation and in prison was only she, who emasculated him with a kitchen knife in order to protect herself from her violent ex-husband. The 35-year-old foreign woman wanted to avoid bullying from her ex-wife, a compatriot in her forties, but when the police arrived with rescuers and the man was taken to the hospital, she was forced to answer on charges of attempted murder. With such an assumption about the crime, the duty judge, having assessed the conclusions of the agents on the spot, appointed a measure of restraint. Arrested and taken to Giudecca Women’s Prison.

History, as explained by sources in the investigating authorities, has yet to be reconstructed in detail. In principle, the area of ​​responsibility and charges may change, hypothetically, when it comes to the review by the investigating judge, for a confirmation hearing. There is no shortage of controversy, so far only on social media, because the alleged aggressor, whom the woman accused of attempted rape, has not yet been charged. A man is in the hospital with a modest (but not life-threatening) prognosis after a lengthy operation he underwent on Saturday night, when a urological surgical team managed to stitch up a partially amputated stab from a woman who defended herself with a kitchen knife. Arriving at the scene, in an apartment in a condominium in the Margera district, Suem’s doctors and police found a 35-year-old man in the street in shock and with bloodied victims.

Inside the house, a man is in critical condition with a severe wound. If the doors of the prison were opened for the alleged victim in the following hours, obviously something must not have come back to the prosecutor in the reconstruction presented by the 35-year-old man. Now it is expected that the ex-wife will be able to hear the investigators in order to better determine the picture of the bloody crime. In a scuffle started with an ex, the woman also received injuries, she was treated the same evening in fact, then again visited in the emergency room by doctors, who then returned her to the police. The episode of violence came at the end of an argument between the two ex-spouses who decided to meet to agree on managing the days when the daughter was entrusted first to one and then to the other.

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