Experts believe this is the most effective exercise for a longer, better life

he most effective exerciseaccording to longevity expertis an everyday gesture scientifically proven to have the following benefits: Increase life expectancy, live longer, better and healthier.A study confirms this Jenny PaceResearcher, Department of Experimental and Clinical Medicine, Chinese Academy of Sciences University of Sassari. In 1999, experts confirmed that: Down stairsalso steep slope or hillit is A clear indicator of longevity. This is explained in a chapter of the author-led documentary Living a Hundred Years: Secrets of the Blue Zone (Netflix) Dan Butner Visit these parts of the planet longer life expectancy Look for their common lifestyle factors and explain their longevity.

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Most Effective Exercise: Up and Down Stairs (and Inclines)

Advice about going up and down stairs is nothing new — it’s just another form of exercise — but surprisingly, there’s a The steepness of the land is directly related to the lifespan.As Pace explains, in one of these blue regions, especially in Barbagia in SardiniaIts centuries-old inhabitants are unknowingly exercising because, inter alia, due to the peculiarities of the terrain, They have to go up and down the mountain every day. He came to this conclusion after interviewing 300 centenarians and determined that the town’s slopes and their steepness were a factor in longevity because, among other things, walking on them was a challenge. extra energy consumption.If you also add Climb at least 30 steps a dayOther than that, since they live in a two- or three-story house, everything fits.Furthermore, Pes, in his study Blue Zones: Regions of Ultralongevity Around the World 2013, in collaboration with Michel Poulain and Anne Herm, insists on how geographical features and the fact of living in mountains influence when it comes to ensuring Traditional healthy lifestyles involving vigorous physical activity for those over 80. In fact, in another blue zone, Okinawa, Japan, older adults walk and garden, a fun exercise for lower-body strength that also affects life expectancy.As Pace said in an interview preferred magazine, His best advice for increasing life expectancy is simple but effective: “Love your friends, family, and get lots of physical activity outside, like climbing the hills of Sardinia”.

Going up and down stairs increases NEAT

Here’s how a personal trainer explained it to us Sandra Loden Alvarezrefer to that The physical activity we do during the day (not relying on training) also helps burn calories. NEAT is unplanned energy expenditure and can range from walking or shopping to going up and down stairs. “All of these will help us burn more calories throughout the day, and replenishing calories day after day will be key to losing weight,” the expert explained.

and helps fight cellulite

Patricia Garin, a Spanish beauty concept therapist, confirms to us that, engage in regular physical activity it is An effective weapon against cellulite Helpful for going up and down stairs with precision. “It’s a really simple exercise that we should be doing every day, like lowering them.” Overall, it’s an excellent workout for the lower body (legs and glutes) and a good cardiovascular workout .

Pay attention to the importance of posture

As they at the Center for Sports Recreation and Health explained to us, arsenal madrid womenit’s important Pay attention to posture when going up and down stairs. “Like all physical activity, Posture Control It turned out better. We must always activate the core so that we can keep the spine straight without loading the weight forward and check that the shoulder blades are well anchored. Also, it’s fun to move your arms vigorously when going up and down stairs, which activates the entire musculature of the body,” they suggest.

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