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Senigallia 09.05.2023 – To what extent can nutritional, social and gender inequalities affect human health at different stages of life? This question will be answered by the speakers who have accepted our invitation to NuGOweek2023.

This year, the international conference NuGOweek2023 will be held, organized by the University of Camerino in collaboration with NuGO (International Association of Universities and Research Institutes, which is engaged in the joint development of research areas in molecular nutrition, personalized nutrition, nutrigenomics and biology of food systems). in Italy, in Senigallia, in La Rotonda, from 5 to 8 September 2023.

Alessio Fasano from the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and Baukye de Roos from the Rowett Institute of the University of Aberdeen will provide an overview of adequate nutrition and its association with complex diseases. David Vozur from Norwich Medical School and Marian Beekman from Leiden University Medical Center will look at innovative aspects of the interaction between nutrition and the gut-brain axis, as well as multiomic responses to nutrition. Sarah Berry from King’s College London and Stine Ulven from the University of Oslo will talk about how individual nutrition affects health. Ferdinand von Meyenne from ETH Zurich and Anna Kruk from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm will talk about organ rejuvenation strategies and new methods for measuring and predicting biological age. Frank B. Hu of Harvard Medical School will outline the molecular mechanisms that modulate pro- and anti-inflammatory responses to food intake. Finally, Alice H. Lichtenstein of Tufts University in Boston and Irene J. Van Valkengoed of the University of Amsterdam (UMC) describe how education, financial status, and gender can affect a person’s health.

During NuGOweek, junior and senior researchers will have time to share and discuss new discoveries in molecular nutrition, helping to clarify how to promote health and realize new advances for healthcare professionals and stakeholders.

NuGOweek2023 will also include community events such as a City Sightseeing Tour, a Networking Dinner for Young ECN NuGO Members at Scalo Zero Restaurant, culminating in a visit to one of Ancona’s most beautiful rolling hills. In this land of fine wines such as Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, 150 participants from all over the world will have the opportunity to visit the cellar and vineyard of the Casalfarneto winery to taste a wide selection of wines and dishes of the Italian tradition. .

Prof. Rosita Gabbianelli, organizer of the Unicam event, thanks the University of Camerino, Municipality of Senigallia, the Cassa di Risparmio di Jesi Foundation, Contram, Solgar, Casalfarneto and AuChem Instruments for their cooperation. As well as the staff who helped make this event possible: Donatella Fedeli, Laura Bordoni, Chiara Rucci, Gaia De Simone, Giulia Feliciani, Luca Quagliatini and Nicola Di Leo.

Event website: https://convegni.unicam.it/NuGOweek/home
NuGo Association website: https://www.nugo.org/
NuGo ECN Network Website: https://www.nugo.org/early-career-network-ecn/

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