Exsecretarios and health experts require to AMLO measures against the Covid-19


Exsecretarios of Health, academics, researchers, and communicators demanded that the Government of president Andrés Manuel López Obrador implement measures to eliminate the contingency by Covid-19.

They requested that we expand the number of tests to diagnose coronavirus, suspended mass activities of any nature, that are closed spaces of coexistence for the public good, allocate extra resources to strengthen the health institutions in addition to the poorest people and that they explain clearly to the mexicans what to do during the epidemic.

The letter, which is signed by Julio Frenk, José Narro Robles, Salomón Chertorivski, Mercedes Juan, Guillermo Soberón Acevedo and Miguel Angel Celis, who was ousted from the leadership of the National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery, among other, ensures that neither the secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer Varela, nor his team have shown leadership before the new coronavirus.

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“They have shown a poor capacity of planning and anticipation, in addition to not showing the leadership and authority that demand a situation like the one we face.

“For more than two months, we knew that it was highly likely that the problem we affect. At this time, it did very little to prepare. Still now insists on a strategy that does not help to interrupt the transmission of the virus. As was to be expected, the health workers have denounced the shortcomings that affect the services the patients and the limited care provided to them”, is stated in the text.

The letter, which was published in social networks, “For the health of all”, also criticized the president López Obrador not to follow the prevention measures to avoid contamination, such as greetings, kiss and hand, as well as hugs.

“The holder of the Federal Executive showed contempt for the simpler measures of hygiene and social separation that recommend their collaborators, in addition to not having shown a real commitment to get out in front of the emergency. Your failure to attend the first extraordinary session of the General Health Council, as well as shows, just like your lack of conviction to address the scientific knowledge and instead of going to the magical thinking – religious to explain the actions of prevention of the disease or the insistence on continuing on his campaign staff,” it reads.

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The signatories also request that you provide the medical staff of the protection equipment required, as well as of inputs and protocols that are required before the respiratory disease.

“To establish a strategic plan for the excess demand for inpatient services and in particular intensive care. Those who know the existing resources, we know that the actual number of intensive care beds and equipment of assisted breathing are inadequate even in normal conditions. Hard to imagine what will happen if it shoots up the demand.”

Finally, the document emphasizes on the need for National Unity: “only together, with good organization and with the necessary resources, able to work favorably for this situation. This is the opportunity to think and act in collective. Now is when we must show our solidarity with the country. We still have time, we act”.

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