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Extraterrestrial Armies PC Game Download Full Version

Extraterrestrial Armies is a foreground shooter that is somewhat reminiscent of the famous Call from Duty series , but is set in the future. Although this position is nothing new at first glance (dozens of similar FPS shooters have been created), it still tempts with many elements that are in vain to be found in other similar games. That is why it is worth downloading Extraterrestrial Armies Download .

Extraterrestrial Armies PC Game Download Full Version

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Ok, let’s get down to business, that is… the plot.

Extraterrestrial Armies is a game that is a combination of a standard FPS with something like sci-fi. The plot of the game takes place somewhere in the future and consists in a constant clash with the troops of other factions, which – just like our faction – decided to fight for the last material resources available on our planet. What distinguishes Extraterrestrial Armies is certainly a modern battlefield. The player has access to a number of different weapons that today’s soldier could only dream of. In addition, there is also a wide tactical element in the game, which makes the game much more difficult. The opponent in Extraterrestrial Armies is not just an ordinary cannon fodder, but an experienced enemy that can be a serious challenge for a beginner.

In Extraterrestrial Armies Download we are dealing with an extensive tactical map which, combined with excellent physics, is an ideal solution. As a result, we can use in combat not only our weapons, but also structures that are characterized by different resistance to bullet impacts. A big advantage in Extraterrestrial Armies Download is also … the use of various equipment in combat. So we can use not only our legs, but also various, significantly modernized vehicles, which, of course, are characterized by an increased firepower – so important in combat.

A few words about scripts…

Yes, Extraterrestrial Armies Download is a largely scripted game. However, this does not mean that the gameplay is largely flattened here. Yes, as in all FPS games, we are crammed into a certain scheme here, but there is nothing bad that would not work out – everything makes up for it with beautiful graphics, which are hard to find in other items of this type …

A few words about the graphics and interface of the game

As befits this type of flu, we have the foreground here. We are moving in a fictional and modern world that looks beautiful from the graphic side. In the game window, we have everything that should be in the classic FPS, i.e. the health bar, the ammunition that is left in the magazine and the general tactical map allowing for a quick overview of the situation on the battlefield. Attention is also drawn to the multiplicity of weapons, allowing both to fight from a greater distance (sniper rifles, scope, etc.) as well as clashes at a slightly shorter distance (grenade launchers). In aiming, the active sight helps, which turns red when the enemy appears at the target. As you can see, it’s worth downloading this game just for the graphics and gameplay …


Extraterrestrial Armies Download is definitely worth downloading . This is supported by good graphics, an unusual plot and developmental gameplay, enabling good integration with the environment and the use of a number of different types of weapons. It is surprising that the Iranian studio Raspina Entertainment is responsible for creating this game. At first glance, we are dealing with a typically “western” type of game.

Extraterrestrial Armies PC Game Download Full Version

Download Now

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