Ezkurdia and Zabaleta receive Perseverance Award in Bilbao

they didn’t make it to the game San Ferminnor White.But the beauty of the third time is that Joseba Ezcudia and Jose Javier Zabaleta. At the first Summer Fair, to be precise, they didn’t have to be a couple initially, Astor Naguciathe Navarre duo received the trophy they had been looking for. Ezcudia He came on as a last minute substitute Aitto Ellodipassed out with gastroenteritis, and with Sabaleta 22-17 win over Bilbao Championship Jon Ander Pena and Jon Maritz Curena In today’s final Vizcaya Pediment. It’s a reward for the perseverance the winners have shown throughout the summer and into this afternoon’s race, as they managed to turn things around with patience and skill.

One of the many adages used in baseball is that whoever has the fewest losses wins the game. At least, this time. Ezcudia and Sabaleta They dominated many stages of the bet and they thought the scoreline at 11-15 was very complicated. But they continue to work hard and donate very little. They only conceded a few goals each. The blues situation is very different. Up to that number, they all had authoritative control.But they were suddenly in crisis, especially sad, and made it easier for their opponents to pull off stunning comebacks. They scored an equal number of goals in the opponent’s box throughout the match, adding 14 goals in total. So it’s very difficult to win.

People look forward to watching the pulse between the two great gunboats of the time, for the second time since 2023.the winner is already Sabaleta, because he knows how to do the defender’s job better: not to fail and try to take the air from the opponent’s striker.has been received Maritz Curena He passes the ball farther, but also controls the game better. Berioza, by contrast, lacks that reliability.

However, the protagonist of the first half was sad. The man from Tolosa took advantage of the dominance his partner exercised at the back to take the lead up front, where he imposed himself. Ezcudia. Especially after a 10-9 loss, the Blues have played a 1-6 run that put them in an invincible position, hungry for a win (11-15).it seems sad He’s capable of playing in his second game of the summer – one he won at La Blanca Albisu– and undefeated in August – he’s on a six-game winning streak this month. But the Gipskoan striker has collapsed.He conceded four goals in attack, to which must be added two flawed volley returns before two separate kicks. Ezcudia.that, add to another mess Maritz Curena Colorado hit two hits for a 9-1 run that put Navarra at 20-16.after a long period of denial sad He hit another strike to make it 20-17. But this is the swan song.a stumbling block Maritz Curenathe ball did not reach a drop, and a stop by the Tolosa striker solved the problem.

Ezcudia-Zabaletatwenty two

Peña II-Marie Curenanumber 17

period 67 minutes.

Serve Ezcudia, 2; Pena II, 1.

ball 591.

so much at stake Ezkurdia, 4 and Zabaleta, 2; Peña II, 8 and Mariezkurrena, 4.

mistake Ezkurdia, 2 and Zabaleta, 2; Peña II, 7 and Mariezkurrena, 7.

mark 0-2;2-2;2-3; 4-3;4-5;5-5; 5-6;7-6;7-9;10-9;10-13;11-13;11- 15;16-15;16-16;20-16;20-17;22-17.

event Bizkaia has a total of 764 viewers.

Big week for Atola

In the first game of the festival, a new exhibit Inaki Altola in great moments.The guy from Alegia lives in Bilbao these days for a whole year big week, won all three games.He emerged from Tuesday’s Bizkaia Championship final against Albisu beat Altoona-Matia 21-22 o’clock.On Thursday, as the opening performance of the first semi-final, he also Aranguren relatively Jaka-Maritz Curena (20-22). Today, he surprised with yet another game performance. Altola 16 goals signed, amid company win Iztueta about Elezcano II-Bikuna (13-22). The clash lasted until half-time, but after a 10-9 defeat, the Blues reacted, leaving the Saratamo and Donostiara defenders with little choice.

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