F1 – Ferrari: Passion brings bitterness that ambition can’t justify

Being a Ferrari is incredibly difficult.. There is now a huge legacy left by Enzo it’s not enough to be worthy. Man, Drakewho first dreamed, and then created an indisputable legend that will forever remain in history. He is the most incredible person I have ever seen and I have met so many people. This is a legend. He is like Winson Churchill. We will always talk about him.”announced some time ago Bernie Ecclestone. After all, it has always been and always will be. But modernity is far from all this.

Although galloping horse you continue to adorn the redheads the dignity of wearing this symbol does not make a presence. The moment of difficulty lasted a long time. Too much considering the means. We work in unison to make a difference, but the path to the light still seems dark. There were a lot of expectations at the start of the season. come on pre-season testsHowever, the people in red understood that everything would not be as we would like. The sad confirmation comes at the end of the first race, where the long-awaited aspirations gave way to pure reality: Ferrari won’t win anything even in 2023.

Managing such a situation requires several sacrifices. The risk of being deaf is great. Fortunately, a breath of fresh French air calmed the pain. A Wasser deputy to correct a tear of important measurements. Not only in terms of performance. In fact, keeping the group together in this context remains the biggest challenge to face at the present time. Bills on hand given the failure of the project 675this goal seems to be consolidating.

Ferrari knows exactly what it wants and works hard to get it.

Identify the most important areas of focus… the first goal of the season. Lots of effort to “understand” one SF-23 often grumpy, odd in his march, moody to the point of offering the opportunity to start in the front row on Saturday and then get lost in the maze of the group on Sunday. step evolutionarily done in arc the Grand Prix This is not enough. on the other hand i competitor they don’t really look. To do this, close gap with those who wintered better than you, remain one target desired but not yet achieved. Too strong there RB19. Not to mention the furious group of pursuers: Mercedes, Aston Martin AND McLaren. Teams at this moment are more prepared for the result.

Leclerc recently stated that ferrari take second place in the championship. Or at least that’s the intention pursued team with anxiety and absolute madness. A useful goal to get closer to the reigning world champions, and then, in 2024, with a glove in hand and cast aside fear, throwing off the mask with a great desire to impress everyone. And this despite the fact that the team will not be completed yet. Almost certain to beat Red Bull will not work, but at least “compete in one championship” why not.

Charles Leclerc (Scuderia Ferrari) in action in his SF-23, 2023 season

To achieve this, you need to face several pitfalls. On a technical level, it’s about continuing the difficult path of updates. Our editors expect work to continue over the next few months: bottom, bellies and rear fender to correct the bizarre, unpredictable, sometimes moody swirling structure. The decade before the era car fender proposed the same general philosophy. Although things have changed since last year. That is why there are many opportunities for development and improvement.

For now ferrari makes a lot of effort trying to understand and put into practice a different approach regarding treatment that in the end, at least in Belgiumseems to have borne fruit. Confirmation on this is awaited. Ground effect vehicles are much more sensitive to modifications and even the smallest details can make a difference. Especially if, as in the case of SF-23, the customization window is quite small compared to most. Hence the famous “unpredictable performance fluctuations”.

As for team management, while waiting for the specification of the working group, sports management is developing a new production methodology. A complete break with the past itself, if necessary. A control revised in all its forms, closely related to the new recruitment of current and future staff who, meanwhile, is trying to achieve something good with available means. For the rest by reconnecting at first letters, proposal, one of many legacies Enzosuitable as a brush: passion allows you to endure bitterness and renunciation, which ambition could not justify.

Author: Alessandro Arcari@berrageiz

Images: Scuderia Ferrari

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