F1 – Scuderia Ferrari’s exclusivity becomes an apparent weakness

Last year started with a bang Ferrari Made the first part of the world exciting, but development stalled prematurely F1-75 Surrender appeared very quickly. vast domain of red Bull In the current competitive campaign, it forces rivals to think well ahead of next season.

competition of Team Of milton keynes clearly committed to bridging Difference Together rb19 use the rest Grand Prix like real self sessions Examination in key 2024, A dynamism that has characterized the sporty setting of the car for a very long time prancing Horse, Pilots, helmsmen, technicians and rules change but unfortunately the score will always be the same.

Just think of the engineers who were ousted by the Red Team, who were able to show their value to other teams to such an extent that they are considered fundamental pawns (Aldo Costa, to mention one of the most famous technicians For). constant of maranello represents a Unique In F1, A company that builds some of the most famous road cars in the world, whose allure is due to the legendary sporting achievements that have been achieved since then. 1947,

in the mind of Fly His commitment in the life of the company cannot be disregarded motorsports, This paradigm is a distant and romantic reminder of an obsolete business philosophy. Team Modena is the only manufacturer where the sports division represents a branch of the same company engaged in the manufacture of road cars. Others have human and infrastructural resources exclusively dedicated to their respective programs. F1,

Enrico Cardile, alternate technical director of the historic Scuderia Ferrari

most of the italian engineers Ferrari He comes from the road division. route in Department race It is indeed a testimony to the brilliance of a technician. A kind of promotion on the field. However, without guessing how to pronounce the word, attitude of a professional working in the field automotive which is far and deeply different from F1 Modern.

Technical reactivity in the face of emerging problems in a context where everything is extreme, for example, requires very high specialized skills. while hiring and training employees for the competition main business Represented by sports competitions, entry of outstanding engineers from the world of series production jessUnfortunately, this is by no means a guarantee of success.

Ferrari: Absent role specification

Confirmation of the assumption is provided by excellent projects performed by technicians. Ferrari When they were able to develop projects over a long period of time, as is the case with F1-75 where the study had actually already started 2020, Closer to the time required for series production than for prototypes. conducting programs that require specific skills in certain business contexts, The reallocation of human resources does not guarantee the success of the program, regardless of the professional depth of the technicians.

It is perhaps no coincidence that Redhead’s most successful period coincided with an organizational structure lacking resources from road cars, at least in its top positions. Men who have always worked in motorsport and who for this reason have developed a culture of prototyping products Which, for obvious reasons, requires specific skills.

First-tier organizational structure of Scuderia Ferrari in 2000

maybe that’s why Frederick Vasseur, Manager who developed their skills in particular contexts racehas started a silent campaign for the technical strength of sports management That small group of “pistaoli” engineers (a favorite phrase of Maurizio Arrivabene, ed.) were born and raised exclusively in the world of professional motorsports,

Author and picture: Roberto Cesare – @robertofunoat

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