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Fábio Porchat para a GQ Brasil (Foto: Foto: Ju Coutinho)

Fbio Porchat-IN Brazil (photo: photo: photo: photo: Juliana Coutinho)

IN Brazil: it is The one that inspires you and create your team, the schedule, the program What Porchat Is It?in the SHOW?
Fabio Porchat:
When I finished my talk show, I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to do. I was between November and December, thoughts on the design of the program. I got the “talk show”, which is a form of art that I love, I was a little worn. I’ve noticed that people with opinions all the time, anywhere in the world. People who have tried to seal””. The whole time, you just ask, the opinions, and at the end of the day, it all ends in the “jair bolsonaro”. I was just trying to make a program in which people could only rely on the stories of the same. So , I suggested, that per on the MAP, and they came. This new program is in the format, in my position, as I have done. This is what I can do. I know that I will tell you the story, you know, I mix it in the middle of the crowd, and I know that I have ” wings.” And that’s what I’ll do with this new program. All I can comment on is the warrior. And it is simply the best of the people, and the best of me….

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IN Brazil, The idea of a bar was it?
Fabio Porchat:
It was also my own. I’ve always wanted to get into the program in a very intimate way. We looked at programs all over the world, and I thought it Would be nice to have a program that you a wide variety of environments”. We have the same scenario in three different environments. I’ve been thinking about, in the bar, simply because it is the place where all over the world, tell your story.

IN Brazil, drinks are served, are true?
Fabio Porchat:
Yes! All over the world, drink what you want. Each and every one sipped a drink that is different. The Fátima Bernardes) not to drink. Dani (sausage), drank a “little something”. Lucio Mauro took a vinhozinho…

IN Brazil, the importance of The Back Door in your education or career?
Fabio Porchat:
It was the turning point, right? This is what I was, it gave me the independence and the artistic and the financial. He was the one who gave me the power to negotiate, and have a career in my hand.

IN Brazil, what are your artistic inspirations?
Fabio Porchat:
You know, Ellen DeGeneres is a person who is just for me…. It is a very simple, fast. A very smart one. It has a lot of also. I had the pleasure of participating in a live program twice. It is a good reference for me. Here in Brazil, Regina Casé is a person that the North has-as a Moderator and as a strange art. Pedro Cardoso is a genius, it’s awesome. The things he does, is my purpose in life.

Fábio Porchat para a GQ Brasil (Foto: Foto: Ju Coutinho)

Fbio Porchat-IN Brazil (photo: photo: photo: photo: Juliana Coutinho)

IN Brazil, you are an artist with many facets. Where you identify the most: Internet access, TELEVISION, theatre, or cinema?
Fabio Porchat: Theatre. It is the strongest that you have. This is where you can talk directly to the audience, the more open and free with each other.

IN Brazil, How did you transition from recording to the world?
Fabio Porchat: It is always a challenge, is he? You have to start with something new.., the guarantees and the things that happen. But I always wanted to make something different, something that satisfy me creatively. Regardless of the target audience. I used to think, before all the world, and I have to like it, feel free and cool with this.

IN Brazil And as you can see, the mood in Brazil?
Fabio Porchat: It is really easy. The Brazilian loves to make people laugh and loves to laugh. Difficult it is in California. Difficult it is when you get banned are. But to do that today, in Brazil, it is very easy. We have a comedian in the chair. We have a facility that is too large for all those already in the country. It has enough hooks to make a joke.

IN Brazil: did you feel a difference in the way you are in Comedy now, and if you began your career?
Fabio Porchat: The world is changing. Not only comedy, but also journalism, medicine,… and So we have to keep pace with the changing times. I’m sure there are other things that I talked about in my stand-up in 2009, I wanted to speak to you today. I am glad that the world is changing, it is changing for the better.

IN Brazil: what will you do to improve as a person?
Fabio Porchat: I will try to improve. I try to be aware of. You need to be aware of, and to be strong. You need to listen much to what people have to say. It is so hard for the white man home to him, he had spent his life talking to you. Now it is time for him to make a little something and understand what is going on with the people around us.

IN Brazil, Here in IN, we have a channel for watching it. We would like to know, if you want to have a baby? It is already in the planning with Nataly?
Fabio Porchat: We are not planning yet, but there is a chance that he starts to get to the top.

IN Brazil, since we’re in GQ, this is a subject that I could not be beaten. That should not be missing in your wardrobe?
Fabio Porchat: I would prefer to be comfortable and well dressed. I’d rather be with an outfit with which I feel comfortable. When I travel, I go with the pants and the hoodie, the Shoe just comes.. in order to be comfortable on the plane. I’m not with the fashion industry. It is for this reason that it is connected to a whole bunch of people to fashion out of me (laughs).

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