Fable 4 will be “light-hearted”, “British” and out before Elder Scrolls 6

In a new interview, Xbox chief Phil Spencer confirmed that the Fable 4 developers from Playground Games will retain the series’ signature “lighthearted” and “British” tone, and said it will release much earlier than Elder Scrolls 6.

The first (and only) teaser trailer for the game suggested that Fable’s traditional humor would be preserved, and now Phil Spencer has confirmed this. Speaking on the IGN Unlocked podcast, he said:

“Fable has never been a dark fantasy game, Fable has always been a little more lighthearted and a little more British. I can say that Playground Games will keep this style. “

Spencer also gave a small hint as to the release date for Fable 4. The head of the Xbox noted that while all the information for both games at the moment is only in teaser trailers, Elder Scrolls 6 is much further from the release than Fable 4.


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