Fabrizio Angileri: the defender is willing to renew with River after a negotiation

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The negotiations for the renewal of the defender of River advanced in the last hours and there were approaches between both parties.

Fabrizio Angileri is still negotiating for the renewal of his contract.
© GettyFabrizio Angileri is still negotiating for the renewal of his contract.

The negotiations for the renewal of Fabrizio Angileri took an unexpected turn in the last few hours. When it seemed that the firm positions of both parties presaged an end without agreement, this Friday there was an approach and the continuity of the defender in River is not ruled out. The Millionaire and the Turk would split differences to sign the bond that resolves the conflict.

The side had difficult days because he was left out of the preseason after not agreeing to renew his contract with the club and had to see how his teammates worked in San Martín de los Andes. He even decided to close his social networks due to the cyberbullying he received from those who did not respect his position. The uncertainty may be close to ending because Angileri and River finally gave a little on each side to get closer to the agreement that leaves everyone happy.

According to information from La Página Millonaria and those close to the footballer, the renewal is possible thanks to the new conditions that were proposed. The Millionaire wanted to sign a contract for three years and the player, for one. So they divided distances and arranged for two years. The clause was also tweaked to make it in a low figure and facilitate the exit of the defender in the June market. The weekend may be key for the signing to be made.

The fan supported the leadership

A survey carried out by La Página Millonaria, where 4,526 fans participated, an overwhelming majority agree with the decision made by the club regarding Angileri and Benjamin Rollheiser. 88% answered “Seem right”, while 12% thought that “Let them travel the same”.

The Rollheiser case

In the case of the juvenile no significant progress yet. From the footballer’s side, they affirm that the salary was very outdated and that does not correspond to the benefits of the steering wheel in recent months. However, the main stumbling block in the negotiation lies in the player demanding that the percentage of his pass that they gave him in previous renewals be repurchased, and River is not willing to do so.

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