Fabrizio Sandrini with “Viva Coldplay, a global success story” in bookstores

“Viva Coldplay, a global success story” is the title of the new biography signed by Fabrizio Sandrini, published by the Il Castello brand Chinaski Edizioni

Fabrizio Sandrini Coldplay

,Long live Coldplay, a global success storyis titled New Biography signed by Fabrizio sandrinipublished by Castle Brand Name chinasky edition, “Viva Coldplay”The only biography in the world that comprehensively collects all the events of the band up to the present day,

The story of four friends who decide to form a band, A band that is to be defined as “modern beatles, ,Justin Timberlake, Like the Fab Four, the members of Coldplay are also distinguished by their uniqueness. The book begins with the exact background the anxious singer grew up in Chris Martinshy guitarist johnny bucklandobscure bassist Guy Berryman and the boisterous drummer Will Champion, The year 1996 is when the band takes its first steps among a thousand insecurities, but the actual recording begins in 1998 with the EP “Security”. Sifting through their discography, books and dozens of interviews, Sandrini returns a snapshot of an atypical band starting with frontman Chris Martin.,

Far from antirockstars and excesses, Coldplay has become a new model based on qualities such as kindness, availability, courtesy and modesty, A global success that went through studio sessions where the songs were born, with comparisons Producers like Dan Keeling or Brian Eno, creator of the sound that endeared him (or hated) by the public, critics, and colleagues. those colleagues like liam gallagher One who first insults them and then retorts by declaring: “Chris how well you play. i take back everything i said about you, but also the ratio friendship with moseswho share with them the shame of always being compared radio head, The volume honestly analyzes all the steps the band has faced along the way to publishing their albums, from discography to relationships with fans, from world tours to promotion and communication strategies. But the skies are not always clear for the English quartet. several passages are devoted – in fact – to harrowing episodes with the paparazzi, especially for Chris Martin. The reason for this is marriage to a Hollywood star and then divorce. gwyneth Paltrowuntil the latter’s engagement with the equally famous actress Dakota johnson, their popularity grows and sales soar, but here they are beginning to reach many allegations of plagiarism, Between the real and the projected, the most famous concern the guitar hero Who Satrian and great lyricist Cat stevens, like in support of holy demons Elton John ,Yellow is the only song I wish I’d written in the last five years“) And mother of jesus ,Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin is incredibly talented”), there is no shortage of barbs from the cynical.

to name a few Alex turner Did Arctic Monkeys Sentences without half measures”It’s disgusting to be in a band that plays the same thing all the time and nobody bothers“, Whereas Good defines Chris”a doodle”, but then withdrew. Another fundamental issue related to the band isinternational social commitment, as well as the fight for the environment. Recent themes, from collaboration with Oxfam to travel between Africa and Latin AmericaEco-Sustainability on World Tourism,

Next dates that will also touch Italy ,June 21-22 Naples and June 25-26-28-29 Milan), are designed with zero environmental impact by the wishes of the band. Interspersed with anecdotes, interviews and reviews from the international music press, “Viva Coldplay” summarizes the band’s twenty years of history by accurately portraying all public aspects, but without neglecting the protagonists’ feelings and personal portraits.

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