Face like Sukusi Arena… but the blanket is short – Edited by Massimo Moletti

Blanket or shortness of breath? The taste of black and blue makes me forget that the party at the Verona Arena has been postponed to Wednesday evening. What do you want, these nostalgics go to dinner on Saturday, and then almost everyone is on reserve, can they stay up? until midnight??

We are a little like Cinderellas waiting for the return of “Prince Charming” when we see the almost 60 year old Lorella Cuccarini “The Erotic Dream” of many of my peers and eternal rest in the cemetery… was time a gentleman or has our sight already caused us to lose it Much years ago.
This year I see more room for the ’90s and the addition of the 2000s; Now many 70s and even 80s live in paradise…

The blanket is short, like Mietta’s skirt, which is conspicuous, except for the voice that Mingi never had..
The hit song of the 90s began and is always relevant: go away, love, they were already ahead…
Ama does the impossible and here demonstrates why I’m on the couch and he’s the new Baudo; takes me out of a sarcophagus or crypt Jalisse rivers of words and then I remember the eternal conversations about a kiss or the company of a beautiful girl from the university. that then Vincente was carried away by the sand castle on the shore of life, like the waves.
Mietta comes out for the second time and lets me know that we must never say enough: never the end of pussy
Never hang up a thong, never hammer nails into a thong, and sometimes act like Sharon Stone.
Alexia, the Italian pop star of the 90s, comes to an end and a new century begins.
Unfortunately, only three of these evenings remind us that we were happy without castles and, perhaps, did not even go to the beach.
Years where, although they now had cell phones and the Internet, they were still beasts.
Because we had telephone booths and desktop computers to communicate… A generation with a long chain, but always connected to the past…

We were waiting for songs from the first musical series; Someone is getting tired, it’s a rainy day…
I dance to the sounds of :subshine reggae and songs that I listen to using a Walkman with headphones that I shared with my best friend, but for us it was much lower.
Latest songs such as: Dragostea din tei take me back to discos and start aperitifs in disco bars… A generation with a glass in hand to show you what you ate, so as not to be invited to drink or walk out the door.
Evening life with a manhole to go out to smoke and talk to the girl. Sugar babies, glasses, beauty pageants and calendars…
Even the beginning of the century has its evening, morning and daytime charm.
Music makes every part of the day and every part of our lives special… Time passes, but the beauty of classes, trains, buses and universities remains…
Ama understood; as long as the boat goes, let it go, even if we don’t know how to swim or row. As long as it goes… sand castles in the sky, memory and heart, no wave can stop them.

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