Facebook Add the Feature information of the Corona-Virus at the top of the ‘News Feed’


FACEBOOK the center of information about the corona virus at the top is News Feedin the United States and other countries around the world. It was revealed by Mark Zuckerberg.

Quoted from the page The Verge, told reporters, Zuckerberg said that the collection of information from the world health organization and the Centers for Disease Control, begin to appear on the top page feed on the next day.

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Facebook hoaks about corona virus (photo: theverge)prevent,

The introduction of the information center to be displayed after the Facebook promote links to the WHO and the CDC in the in the news feed w and Instagram. Facebook has already been in touch with the organization in the search results if the search query keywords, Corona virus, or COVID-19.

The purpose of the center of information, i.e. redirect the user from Facebook, on reliable information, not get stuck with the wrong data. Due to the increase in the number of people-irresponsible people, the spread of the hoaks on the internet.

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Alert hoaks about corona virus (photo: pixabay/geralt)

Apart from that, Facebook also announced that the product Job free of charge for the government, as well as to emergency services. Zuckerberg also said, if such a service is very similar to how it looks with facebook.

Zuckerberg said, “this new Service, we thought we could get people more value out of the service. With the appearance of the surface is familiar, but with groups, where people are spreading information about their organization with the way that we think can be very useful.”

In addition, Zuckerberg also pointed out, if you work from home during a pandemic, Corona-virus, so, too, with most of the employees of Facebook other. “I definitely work from home, I think it’s better if I encourage all to do that, but I don’t do it,” said Zuckerberg. (Ryn)

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