Facebook and Instagram Restrict the quality of Video in Europe


Facebook and Instagram Restrict the quality of Video in Europe
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Merdeka.com – Facebook has announced that it will reduce the quality of the videos on its platform, and Instagram for users in Europe.

This step has been taken to the rising demand of the network are as a result, many people fall daily at home during a pandemic Covid-19.

Quote from Engadget about Tekno Liputan6.com a spokesman for the company said, both Facebook and Instagram, you can reduce the video bitrate in Europe for a while.

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This step was taken to help the rekanananya set the bandwidth so that you can run your services still normal. Although there is a reduction in the bit rate, the company for the service is still running normal.

To help “reduce the potential density of the network, we will reduce the bit rate of the videos in Facebook and Instagram in Europe for a while,” said a company spokesman.

This step is quite reasonable, since the number of social media users in Europe are quite large. The last report in mid-2019 noted Facebook daily 288 million users in Europe.

Armed with the number of users is greater, plus the guidelines for guest home, reasonable, there is a possibility, you have more access to social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

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Limitations in Video quality from Netflix and Youtube

Previously, Netflix and YouTube were reported to avoid the limitation of the streaming quality for 30 days in the territory of the European Union to blockages on the server and increase the electricity invoice.

This was after a request from the European Union.

The demand for online has increased services, high-at a level that is unprecedented. The cause, isolation, and quarantine-even in the midst of the adopted in connection with the spread of Corona virus in the European region.

Netflix passed on the data-consumption is reduced by 25 percent, but the user is still the image quality is good enough.

In General, one hour of video streaming in standard version (480p), consume approximately 1 GB of data, while the HD can achieve 3GB per hour.

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YouTube says it was to increase for several summits, but decided to take a step in advance, and minimize the pressure on the system.

YouTube name temporarily divert all traffic in the European Union, the standard version by default.

The two companies revealed their plans after a telephone conversation with EU Commissioner for the internal market, Thierry Breton.

He praised the two companies, and said, you have to act very quickly. Breton rate keep this step, the smooth functioning of the internet during the crisis, Covid-19. [idc]

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